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GoPro Video Shows What Happens When Owls Go Out During Daytime





We all know that owls are nocturnal creatures, right? They hide somewhere during the day, bust out during the night, and sit on tree branches while looking around with their lovely but creepy round eyes. But aren’t you curious what they do during daytime? Do they sleep all day to recuperate from their nightly activities?

Well, with the help of this video from wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz, I discovered how these owls can roll when the sun is up. Megan placed her GoPro camera on her front lawn, pushed the record button and captured these two curious burrowing owls on candid camera. What they did in front of the lens was just hilarious!

Watch the video:

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These owls were awesome! Adding Aquadrop’s “Back and Forth” in the background is genius! I swear, my head was bobbing and twisting along with them. Too bad the video is just over a minute long; I NEED a ten-minute video of these owls doing their thing. Heck, I can watch this all day!

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