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Viral Photos of Old Man Living In A Wooden Box Broke Netizens’ Hearts





It’s so easy for us to complain when things don’t go our way. We get annoyed when the bus is late, the food is not warm enough, your favorite shoes broke, etc. We are so caught up with the not-so-important issues that we forget to realize that there are so many people out there that are dealing with so much bigger problems.

Just take this old man from the Philippines, for example. Life is giving him such a hard time. For his age, he should be living somewhere comfortable and safe, but instead, he lives all alone in a small wooden box.

A Facebook user named Xylenejoy Siarot shared a few pictures of the old man and his wooden box. His tiny house was made of flimsy materials, which only had thin plywood for walls then a couple of rice sacks as curtains.

It looks like the old man is living beside the road, with no neighbors nearby. He also appears not to own any extra clothes, as it seems like he isn’t even wearing a pair of shorts in the pictures.

The Facebook user posted the photos of the old man in the hopes of getting him the help he needed. She then called everyone’s attention to do what they can to help the old man.

Xylenejoy is hoping that her post will reach “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” a television show in the Philippines which is known for helping the less fortunate. Netizens also want this to happen as they tried to help the old man’s story to reach the said show by tagging its official hashtag, #KMJS to the comments section.

In one of her earlier posts, Xylenejoy gave the old man’s address, Baranggay Tominobo, Baryo Tabay #2, Iligan City.

The local TV program has not reacted to the post as of this writing.

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