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Filipino Guy Helps Transform A Homeless Man In Australia

Another angel sent from above…


Touching and inspiring stories have become popular today, simply because, in the fast-paced life, people are clamoring for a breath of fresh air. We are seeking stories that make our hearts melt and we learn the true meaning of being sensitive to the needs of others.

One particular story has gone viral and netizens are applauding the kindhearted gesture of a Filipino man living in Australia. He recounted how he had helped a homeless guy and the post has garnered thousands of likes and shares.

The story began when Luis Xavier del Rosario saw Ian, a homeless man, sitting at the corner of the QVB in Sydney.

Ian spends his days sitting on the hot pavement begging for spare change and money from people passing by. He sat beside the man and offered him some water.

Luis asked:

“Can I help you get your life back together?”

Ian was hesitant but eventually got up with a sign with the phrase:

“Smile, be happy.”

On a mission to start a new life, Luis took Ian shopping for some new clothes.

He then took the homeless man to a barber shop for a fresh cut.

Luis wanted Ian to be prim and proper to help him land a good job.

As Luis shared:

“He said he had been struggling for most of his life due to the lack of proper education.”

“He never mentioned what work he did before, but he told me he had no qualifications.”

After Ian’s transformation, Luis took him to the pub to eat.

It's the homeless man's first real meal in three weeks.

Luis opened up that throughout the time they spent together, he learned so much about Ian. The poor guy grew up in a broken family and he was on his own since childhood. He never had a proper education.

“He told me how lonely he was. He had no one. No family, no real friends, no hope.”

Meanwhile, Ian added:

“I’m scared to die, not because of death itself, but because I won’t be remembered.”

As they parted ways, Luis hopes that he has helped Ian to get back to his feet and find a job that can help him survive.

Luis also hopes that others would do the same, share what they have to those in need. He wants to inspire other people to become more sensitive to the needs of others.

“In this world full of labels, we forget that we, in fact, are all HUMAN. As a species, we should be helping those in need. The world needs more positivity and love!”

Watch the video below:

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