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This High Rise Office Building Houses the Largest Farm-to-Table Plantation in Japan





In the heart of Tokyo’s business district, a refreshing sight greets corporate employees and passers-by alike. Amidst skyscrapers and bustling people is an office high-rise unique in all respects.

Instead of housing banks of computers, austere conference rooms, and office workers scurrying about the halls, this corporate structure is bursting with green.

It’s the largest farm-to-table office program in Japan.

Source: Kono Designs
Where else will you find rice paddies upon entering the office lobby?

pasona 2

Source: Kono Designs
Or tomatoes hanging down from ceiling plants all over the conference room?

pasona 3

Source: The Guardian

At the Urban Farm Pasona Group Headquarters, over 280 types of fruits, vegetables and herbs grow within and sprout from outside of the building’s balconies. The resulting crops are also served in the office cafeteria.

The Pasona Group’s HQ, with its main goal of achieving symbiosis with nature, houses 1,500 employees led by agricultural specialists.

While it is a human resources firm, all of the employees grow their own food, with strong focus on farming, health and the environment.

Not to mention the added bonus of lowering their carbon footprint.

pasona 7

Source: Kono Designs

Housed in a nine storey building, the Pasona Group has dedicated a whole acre to green and growing space.

Complete with energy efficient lighting and advanced irrigation techniques.


Source: Kono Designs

The building’s temperature is also carefully controlled to ensure optimal crop yields. Despite the absence of sunlight inside the building, the system works exceptionally well enough that employees have consistently produced three rice crops a year.

One advantage of having indoor plants is the absence of pests. Hence, no pesticides are used and all produce is 100 percent organic.

Fragrant herbs in meeting rooms.

pasona 4

Source: The Guardian

Not surprisingly, after witnessing and taking part in growing the crops, 80 percent of all employees report feeling positive, energized, and motivated.

And this has had a positive impact on their work performance.

pasona 6

Source: Dezeen

In addition, the building welcomes visitors to come and see the thriving urban farm. In fact, office workers from other buildings drop by to buy fresh produce and have a glass of fresh juice in the stylish, greenery-infused cafe.

Pasona HQ’s cafe.

July 12, 2010 – Tokyo, Japan – Staff members of Pasona Group seat at the Cafe of the 'Urban Farm Pasona Group Headquaters' in Tokyo, Japan, on July 12, 2010. Aiming for an amicable working environment with 'Symbiosus with Nature' as a concept, more than 200 types of fruits and vegetables grow in the nine-floor building's verandas. (photo Hitoshi Yamada/Nippon News)

Source: Nippon News

This green corporate headquarters serves to brighten up the usually dull and utilitarian Tokyo business district.

Learn more about this urban farming wonder in this video:

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