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Shocked Filipina Mother Finds Objects Stuck Up Her 2-Year-Old Baby’s Nose

Always pay attention to any sign of discomfort.






Being a parent is a tough job. No matter how much you try to take care of and protect your child, accidents and illnesses are still inevitable. That’s what one Filipina mother recently experienced.

A Facebook post by Filipino mom Riza Canunayan is going viral. In it, she tells her story of finding objects stuck up her poor two-year-old child’s nose. Her concern and message is resonating with parents.

Canunayan began her post with a shoutout to parents to really be vigilant when watching their children.

She said in her post (translated from Tagalog):

“To all moms and dads, we really need to be vigilant when watching over our children, especially the very young ones. I just want to share what happened to my two-year-old daughter to help mothers and prevent it from happening to others.”

At first, the mother was wondering why her child seemed uncomfortable. She thought it was a simple case of the cold, until she noticed that only one side of the child’s nose was excreting nasal mucus. It was a sign of something bad, she thought. One night, Canunayan decided to take a look herself using a flashlight while the child was sleeping.

The mother was alarmed to see a silver object up her daughter’s nose.

It turned out to be a hook for a nail clipper. Canunayan mentioned in her post:

“I saw something small and silver inside her nose. I panicked and tried to get it out myself, but it felt hard and I panicked even more. Around 1 a.m., we went to an ENT doctor that was open 24 hours. I was shocked to see what the doctor recovered. It was big and my daughter bled, maybe because of a wound inside her nose or when the doctor pulled out the object.”

The mother thought all was well already when they were sent back home, but something was still not right.

The child still seemed to be distressed. She was made to blow her nose by her parents, and the parents were shocked to see something yellowish with a foul smell come out of the child’s nose.

“It was a thread that I suspect was ingested even before the silver hook from the nail clipper because of the discoloration. I don’t know where I lacked in watching over my child. Perhaps it was just unavoidable circumstance.”

The mother also expressed gratitude that her baby is now well and that she was given warning signs to check her baby’s situation. According to the mother’s Facebook post, the baby is safe and there’s no infection.

Shout out to all parents out there…Sa Mga mom/dad jan kailangan pa talaga nating bantayan maiigi mga anak natin ano…

Posted by Riza C. Monlion on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Are you parent who had experienced something similar? Tell us your story in the comments section below.


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