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8 Warning Signs of Meningitis Parents Need to Know





There is every reason why parents want the best for their kids. One is that they do not want to see their children suffering from an illness. Apparently, meningitis is a disease that is somehow difficult to avoid. This is due to the fact that its symptoms are hardly recognizable.

Basically, meningitis is connected with the inflammation of our body’s protective membranes. These are the ones responsible for safeguarding our brains and spinal cord. Take note that the etiology of this disease can vary from one person to another. Fortunately, the symptoms of different types are usually similar.

Below are some of the ways to detect meningitis and determine which symptom you should pay with utmost attention.

#8. Sudden Fever

Fever is the number one symptom of the disease. Once a child acquires it, the fever suddenly starts. The kid might even complain about getting cold. Remember that once the temperature goes up, it can be quite hard to bring down. Hence it is important to keep an eye on the kid’s behavior. If it gets worse, it is best to seek medical assistance right away.

#7. Severe Headache

Headaches caused by meningitis are not really that strong. They are unbearable, but there are kids who simply cannot take the pain. This is most especially if the sharpness impacts his/her neck. A bulging fontanel, in particular, can be a significant sign of meningitis.

#6. Double Vision

This is really true. A person affected by the disease automatically gets double vision depending on the severity. This is simply due to the fact that he/she cannot focus his/her eyesight.

#5. Stomachaches, Nausea, and Even Vomiting

Meningitis can cause a person to lose his/her appetite. This happens due to constant nausea, which is usually followed by a headache and/or vomiting. If the child could no longer bear the pain, please seek medical attention right away.

#4. Sensitivity to Bright Light

Another sign to keep an eye on is sensitivity to bright light. It causes the child’s eyes to water and thus the sensitivity happens. The effect becomes stronger when accompanied by headaches and later on vomiting.

#3. Rigidity of the Occipital Muscles

A child suffering from meningitis will usually be in a recognizable position. He/she will be lying on his/her side with the legs bent and the head thrown back. And if you attempt to correct his/her posture, he/she goes back to the said position.

#2. Inability to Bend Legs

Sure, you may manage to bend your kid’s legs; however, they will instantly bend at his knees. You cannot do anything about it, though. They are just impossible to unbend. This phenomenon, in particular, is called Brudzinski neck sign. Moreover, the disease can cause the child to experience the Kernig’s sign. It is where he/she cannot completely extend his/her legs, though this often happens when they are lifted to exactly 90 degrees.

#1. Unfading Skin Rashes

Skin rashes, like fever, are very common in a kid suffering from meningitis. However, there is a test that helps determine if he/she really has the disease. First, take a clear glass and apply it to the rash. Just press it firmly against the skin, enough to make it turn pale. If the spot becomes pale along with the skin, then your child does not have meningitis. If the rash continues to appear, then it is time for you to seek medical attention.

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