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Nostril Hair Extensions Are Now The Stunning Fashion Pick Of The Season

Another weird so-called beauty trend is taking Instagram by storm.

Mich Escultura





Different beauty and fashion trends are endlessly popping in front of our eyes where Instagram has already introduced at least over 20 weird experiments. We’ve seen some cute looks like the unicorn beauty, neon eyeliner, lollipop lips, holographic everything, glitter roots, glitter tongue before things shifted to hairy nail arts, squiggle lips and brows, feather brows, braided brows, 3D lip art and so much more.

Yet another bizarre creation is coming out from the “vEERIE” creative mind of self-proclaimed trend setters on Instagram. It is now the next big thing on fashion and beauty trend as many are seemingly hesitant to try the quirky look on. But if you are one adventurous beauty junkie, then the nostril hair extensions might be one that you are up for a challenge.

The nostril hair extensions are the stunning fashion pick this season.

Source: instagram

After Korean Dain Yoon popularized the creepy hairy selfie nail art, another girl who goes by the @gret_chen_chen placed hairs on a rather unexpected part of her face – her nostrils. She only has a few followers on Instagram but her original trend creation is quick to circulate online where even Allure writer Devon Abelmn caught a glance of the photos on his feed. Now, her nostril hair extension art is tagged as yet the weirdest trend in Instagram.

More people are now catching wind about the new look but it is pretty weird that some don’t wish to try them on.

Source: instagram

The nostril hair extension originator posted two photos with what appears to be false lashes which she glued and curled around her nostrils. It seems as though the young lady was just messing around or being goofy when she attempted to try something out of the box.

But it went viral and eventually became the latest fashion trend albeit probably being the weirdest. A lot of people on the internet immediately picked it up.

The “extension” in a circle is somewhat hypnotizing.
And gives off a cool optical illusion effect.


Fake Camel Toe Underwear is The Weirdest Fashion Item Ever

A Japanese company manufactures camel toe underwear known as “Party Pants,” which come in various colors and styles.

For many women, a camel toe is considered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Certainly, no woman wants to be photographed in this awkwardly revealing state. Or so we thought. Apparently, some of them are fans of the camel toe underwear.

The Online Slang Dictionary defines camel toe as “the visible cleft of the outer labia under tight clothing” or a “frontal wedgie” on women when they wear tight pants or swimsuit bottoms. The so-called “frontal wedgie” looks like the toes of a camel. Hence, the term, “camel toe.”

It’s easy to see how the wardrobe malfunction got its name.

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$1,800 Jeans Unzip in the Back to Expose Your Entire Rear End!

French clothing brand Vetements and US clothing brand Levi’s teamed up to produce a pair of jeans that give new meaning to, “easy access.”

If you thought ripped clothing is insane, you have to brace yourself for this one. French clothing brand Vetements and well-loved American clothing brand Levi’s have teamed up to produce the High-Rise Distressed Jeans.

Then again, these aren’t the typical “distressed” denim pants that you commonly see. Vetements and Levi’s designed it with a zipper that you can undo to reveal your entire butt.

Reported retail price: $1,800 to $1,870.

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Ripped Clothing Is Now the Hottest Fashion Trend

The popularity of ripped clothing is courtesy of celebrities who seem to be addicted to the distressed look.

Fashion trends come and go. However, let’s be honest. There are some of them that truly baffle us. Indeed, there are some trends that only appeal to a particular group of people. Ripped clothing — one of the hottest fashion trends of the moment — is certainly an acquired taste. For the most part, it owes its popularity to celebrities who seem to be fond of the look.

As it turns out, ripped or distressed clothing has been tagged as “homeless chic.” Although it’s been popular before, it seems to be even more ubiquitous these days. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s now being sold in practically every store all over the world.

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce seem to like this trend.

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McDonald’s Brows Are The Latest Bizarre Trend To Take Over Instagram

Say goodbye to the squiggle brows and welcome the new trend through the weird McDonald’s brows!

The eyebrows have become the obsession of the decade. From thin lines to nothing at all in the 70s and 80s, women now want to have their brows thick and long that they can groom every now and then. But the beauty trend seems to have fallen behind already as many people start experimenting with weird looks they can make out of their eyebrows.

The eyebrows are having a moment, and many ladies are taking advantage of the madness to popularize their own, crazy brow ideas. After the gory cut-out squiggle brows that came in just in time for the Halloween, we now see Instagram flooded with photos of the McDonald’s brows, and admit it, they’re not as appetizing as the popular food chain’s meals.

The fashionista ladies of Instagram are trying out the new eyebrow trend and it is taken after the famous logo of McDonald’s.

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Feather Brows is the Newest Beauty Trend Nobody Expected

Love it or hate it?

The world of fashion and beauty never cease to evolve – and, seemingly, each change brings a newer, crazier and more bizarre trend than previously popular fads. Take for example the fake camel toe panties that no one asked for. Now, let me present the latest beauty trend that nobody expected – the feather brows.

Stella Sironen, a Finnish make-up artist, posted on her Instagram account an image showing her with feather-like brows. She said that it was the new make-up trend but only meant it as a joke. However, the internet took her jest seriously and a new trend for eyebrows was born. The trend quickly spread and people are now posting photos of them sporting feather brows.

Stella posted this photo of her on her Instagram account.

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Rainbow Freckles Are the Latest Beauty Trend And They Are Pretty

Rainbow freckles are the latest beauty trend that’s taking the internet by storm!

Freckles have always been perceived as a skin imperfection. Beauty aficionados cover them up with lots of make-up and creams just to hide them and have perfect, blemish-free skin. Last year though, fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts have started began to include freckles in their make-up.

Rainbow freckles are the hottest and latest beauty trend that's making waves!


This year, the girls have taken it a bit further with rainbow freckles. With the use of colored liquid eyeliners and liquid lipsticks, spots are applied to the existing or faux freckles where they are normally found: The cheeks, forehead and nose.

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Hairy Selfie Nails Exists And It’s Creepy But Impressive

A Korean artist has taken nail art to the next level with her hairy selfie nails creation.

People are now taking art to another level. In the early centuries, people would only put their artistic talents on canvass or mold them to sculptures but things are much different now. From make ups to nail tints and then tattoos, expressing art has no limit these days as any part of the body has become the new canvass for many artists.

Indeed, fashion is a modern way of expressing our artistic sense. We experiment on our getups, our hairstyles, try on tattoos and now we have the nail art. Every year, a new trend comes out and men and women are simply thrilled to try them on so they can make an impression. But will you ever try the new trend of hairy nails?

The hair selfie nail art of Dain Yoon is taking social media by storm.

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Clothes Pegs Are Now Being Sold As Expensive Earrings

You’ll be shocked how much this costs.

Heidi Klum’s popular catchphrase on the famous American reality television series, the “Project Runway,” summarizes the world of fashion perfectly. The model, who produces and hosts the show, would tell the contestants, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next you’re out,” before every judging.

However, the fashion world is full of unexpected trends that most of the time they left us wondering how some of these styles became an “in” thing in the first place. And guess what? Designers are not done yet, and one of them is turning your mom’s clothes pegs or clothespin, whatever you want to call it, but yes, a brand is making it into expensive earrings.

There are so many things in fashion that we just don’t understand. We see these bizarre trends floating around the internet, and most of the time we wondered why they became a thing in the first place. However, these odd items just keep on going and people can’t get enough of them.

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Japanese Company Launches Skimpy Backless Sweaters ‘With Cleavage’

Wear it at your own risk, the manufacturer warns.

If you think you’ve already seen the skimpiest fashion trends in the past (i.e. ripped clothing), this post just might make you change your mind. Apparently, something much more daring has been created recently and it has since attracted a lot of reactions online.

Japanese company Village Vanguard, creators of the backless, sleveless jumper called the ‘Virgin Killer’ has returned with a bolder clothing item. This knitted sweater has a plunging neckline that goes back – way, way back.

This knitwear from Japan leaves very little to the imagination.

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‘Buttless Jeans’ Make a Debut Online And Shoppers Are Pretty Much Disgusted

People on Twitter were not impressed.

The design for pants gets more and more ridiculous every year. There’s the see-through jeans design sold at Britain’s Topshop and the chicken leg pants that had everyone raising their eyebrows last year. But the weird designs didn’t stop there because a new one has joined the list of bizarre fashion trends – the “buttless jeans.”

ASOS, an English online fashion shop, has offered the absurd design coming from British brand, The Ragged Priest. Basically, it’s a pair of light-wash loose-cut women’s jeans that exposes the wearer’s butt.

The jeans are cut off between the crotch and legs…

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