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Nostril Hair Extensions Are Now The Stunning Fashion Pick Of The Season





Different beauty and fashion trends are endlessly popping in front of our eyes where Instagram has already introduced at least over 20 weird experiments. We’ve seen some cute looks like the unicorn beauty, neon eyeliner, lollipop lips, holographic everything, glitter roots, glitter tongue before things shifted to hairy nail arts, squiggle lips and brows, feather brows, braided brows, 3D lip art and so much more.

Yet another bizarre creation is coming out from the “vEERIE” creative mind of self-proclaimed trend setters on Instagram. It is now the next big thing on fashion and beauty trend as many are seemingly hesitant to try the quirky look on. But if you are one adventurous beauty junkie, then the nostril hair extensions might be one that you are up for a challenge.

The nostril hair extensions are the stunning fashion pick this season.

Source: instagram

After Korean Dain Yoon popularized the creepy hairy selfie nail art, another girl who goes by the @gret_chen_chen placed hairs on a rather unexpected part of her face – her nostrils. She only has a few followers on Instagram but her original trend creation is quick to circulate online where even Allure writer Devon Abelmn caught a glance of the photos on his feed. Now, her nostril hair extension art is tagged as yet the weirdest trend in Instagram.

More people are now catching wind about the new look but it is pretty weird that some don’t wish to try them on.

Source: instagram

The nostril hair extension originator posted two photos with what appears to be false lashes which she glued and curled around her nostrils. It seems as though the young lady was just messing around or being goofy when she attempted to try something out of the box.

But it went viral and eventually became the latest fashion trend albeit probably being the weirdest. A lot of people on the internet immediately picked it up.

The “extension” in a circle is somewhat hypnotizing.
And gives off a cool optical illusion effect.