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Noonee ‘Chairless Chair’ Allows Workers To Give Their Feet A Rest Without A Seat





Who needs an actual chair when you can have a Chairless Chair? One manufacturer has created a chair that lets anyone sit wherever and whenever they like. Factory workers have a hectic daily schedule, and they are always on the go doing back-breaking tasks without space for a chair, which is why these strange-looking chairs were created.

The Chairless Chair was created by Noonee. The Swiss company’s goal when making the product is to make things easier for those who are working on factory floors. Despite its unusual structure, the product allows the person to use it easily.

The Chairless Chair can be adjusted to fit everyon’s size.

Source: DEZEEN

Noonee writes on its website:

“These are simple devices focussed on improving ergonomics in the manufacturing industry, similar to exoskeletons but practical.”

The Chairless Chair is made of polyamide, which is light and durable.

Source: DEZEEN

Although the idea makes a lot of sense, it is hard to imagine that someone would allow themselves to be strapped into this weird-looking device before heading to work. But since treadmill desks are already a trend, wearing a Chairless Chair may not be too much of a stretch.

Noonee has created an exoskeleton, which was designed for the factory floor to let workers sit when they need to take a weight off.

Source: ALAMY

But if the Chairless Chair does what it promises, then walking around with two skeletal legs attached to your bottom half is probably worth it. Plus, if the owner of the factory will purchase this product for all the workers, then no one will make fun of just one specific person for looking different because everyone is using it.

Could it also work for offices in the future?

Source: ALAMY

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