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8 Perfect Responses For Rude Customers

If only I could say #1 and #6 to my annoying customers!


If you’ve ever worked in retail, then we’re sure you are completely aware that dealing with annoying customers is often part of the job. Some people are just totally impossible to please and you, as a retail person, have to be extremely patient and skilled in dealing with them. Besides, the customer, as they say, is always right.

Of course, that is usually easier said than done.

There are days when you just wish it’s legally okay to strangle an asshole of a customer – or at least to quip a witty comeback so you can slam your irrational client pretty bad. That would make you feel good, right? Well sure, but that could lead to you losing your job and, oh, possibly facing a lawsuit, too.

You surely wouldn’t want any of that hassle in your life. So for the most part, the better thing to do is to just do your best to conceal your anger instead.

Well we are guessing that that’s the inspiration behind the hilarious comic below created by cartoonist Andy C Stuart (otherwise known as NoobTheLoser) which he later shared on the College Humor website.

Whether you’re a former retail employee or simply anyone who has ever experienced dealing with difficult customers, chances are high that this one will crack you up.

Go scroll down and prepare to laugh out loud:

Quick, hide! The guy’s gone crazy!

If you found this comic amusing, you will probably want to check out the rest of NoobTheLoser’s works over at his Tumblr page. There, he “makes a lot of random comics” and his stuff is pretty decent. Look for that strip about the dog and a slice of pizza, I liked that, too.

You may also follow the artist over at Twitter and Facebook for his social media updates.


Hilarity Ensues As Man Gets Instant Karma After Kicking Filipino ‘Jesus’

You don’t mess with Jesus…

The Philippines is known for being the top Christian nation in Asia, with around 90% of its population being adherents. The Roman Catholic religion remains the most dominant in the nation and so Filipinos hold many traditions and practices rooted in their faith.

For example, the country celebrates Christmas unlike any other. Just imagine - they start playing carols in malls and radio stations as early as September! The festivities go on until the first Sunday of January, otherwise known as the Feast of The Three Kings.

Pretty hardcore, you say? Well, wait until you hear about how they observe Holy Week!

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28 Awkwardly Mismatched Couples Who Prove “True Love Sees, But Doesn’t Mind”

Because love is all that matters.

When love happens – it just happens and it doesn’t even matter what the person looks like or even how old the person is. For some people, these things do not matter because the most important thing for them is the love they feel toward their better half. But when people see some odd pairings, they start to talk and have an opinion on how awkward or mismatched certain couples can be.

Most of the time, odd pairings do not fail to turn heads, get mocked or make some people giggle. But whatever your reaction will be when you see a mismatched couple, some of them might just be genuinely happy about who they are with. Here are 28 awkward couples that will either make you smile or shake your head.

#1. This girl can maybe help with his brows.

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25 of the Funniest Ironies That Ever Occurred

So much irony, it hurts!

The world is filled with ironies. Sometimes, it even causes us extreme sorrow, such as when a couple who loves kids so much gets married but never has children of their own or those people who are not in any sort of relationship but keep seeing happy couples and saccharine moments around them.

But, irony need not always be sad and disappointing. There are times when it can bring us a few laughs, too. From broken door bell in a repair shop to 50 Cent's 50-cent worth album, the irony just feels so strong.

So, if you're having a bit of a rough day and are in need of a few giggles and laughs, we sure got you covered. Check out this compilation of photos that show how hilarious (and a bit disappointing!) irony can be:

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