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No, According To A Couples’ Therapist, ‘The One’ Doesn’t Exist

For all the singles out there… don’t hold your breath.


If there’s one thing we can learn from our favorite romantic films and TV series, it’s that there’s someone special waiting for each of us little ways down the road. Ted Mosby found his perfect wife at the end of How I Met Your Mother, every single Jude Apatow film follows the basic premise of a perfect match, and basically all Matthew McConaughey film before he landed True Detective revolved around the idea of finding “the one.”

It all boils down to the same idea. Admittedly, it always works because truth to be told, we all aspire the same thing. However, is the idea of “the one” really applicable to the real life?

Apparently, a couples therapist claims that ‘the one’ doesn’t exist.

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According to Esther Perel, a couples’ therapist and author of “Mating in Captivity” and “The State of Affairs,” the idea of “the one” came from the cognitive dissonance – a psychological state that drives us into having inconsistent thoughts particularly those that involve behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Cognitive dissonance makes many people believe they’ve already found the right one.

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Regarding the subject, Perel explained:

We come up with all the arguments to justify why that was the right person. But this is the way that we like to have coherence; we can’t agree with the idea that I chose this person, but it’s not the right one. So we make it fit.

While a person can be compatible to you, it does not mean that you are automatically a matchmade in heaven.

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Research also explains that believing in “destiny” or other similar superficial beliefs can even be downright hazardous to your relationship. Furthermore, Perel stated:

There is never ‘The One.’ There is a one that you choose and with whom you decide that you want to build something. But in my opinion, there could also have been others — you just chose this one. And when you choose one, you renounce others. … Then you decide that because you’ve chosen that person, you turn that person into The One.

Well, for what it’s worth, despite her being right, most of her pointers actually lean more on the technical side. Regardless, if you love someone, scientific labels do not matter. The important thing is that you’re comfortable with each other.


Artist Creatively Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife in Adorable Comics

Without a doubt, they’re as cute as they’re relatable.

Marriage can be a burden sometimes, and this is especially true to couples who nearly divorced. But, if handled correctly, things can go accordingly. In the long run, perhaps the most important things in marriage is understanding, responsibility, and – more importantly – love.

Yehuda Adi Devir, a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, truly understands the concept of marriage. He also acknowledges the fact that it can go awful sometimes. In any case, he has wonderfully illustrated his adventures with his wife named Maya.

In his ongoing series called “One of Those Days,” Yehuda masterfully created an adorable comic adventure featuring his life together with his significant other. From family gatherings to birthday celebrations to binge-watching TV shows, his comics are relatable to any married couples out there. And yes, they’re also cute.

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UPS Drivers Achieve Viral Fame Because of Their Heartwarming Facebook Group About Dogs

This is truly heartwarming!

Dogs are nicknamed “man’s bestfriend” for very valid reasons. They’re loyal, loving, and extremely adorable. They’re awesome that way!

Recently, we’ve learned about a group of men who love dogs as much as the rest of us – it’s our friendly UPS drivers! A report even tells us that apparently, these guys even have a dedicated Facebook group focused on featuring the dogs they meet whenever they deliver packages to the customers.

Needless to say, each photo has a heartwarming story and we couldn’t help but feel good about it.

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18th Century Gambling-Obsessed Earl Was The Inspiration Behind The Sandwich

The sandwich was reportedly named after John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich.

John Montagu, born on November 13, 1718, was a British diplomat who got his education at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1729, when he was just 10 years old, he succeeded his grandfather, Edward Montagu, as the Earl of Sandwich.

The title was created in 1660 in recognition of the achievements of Admiral Sir Edward Montagu. His great-grandson John served as First Lord of the Admiralty and Secretary of State for the Northern Department throughout his life. He also became known as a supporter of Captain James Cook’s exploration voyages. In exchange for Montagu's help, the Sandwich Islands in Hawaii was named after him. Apparently, the man is also the inspiration for the famous food item of the same name.

Since 18th century Europe, the "sandwich" has been known as meat (or anything one prefers) placed between slices of bread.

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