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5 Bad Relationship Habits You Have To Look Out For In Order To Stay In Love





As we all know it, a relationship normally have its ups and downs. Sometimes, you and your significant other shares a moment as sweet as sin, sometimes you get into arguments. These things are nothing extraordinary. They’re just signs of a healthy relationship.

However, we’re also guilty of getting into bad habits every once in a while. Unfortunately, these bad habits often end up being the cause of breakups. Terrible breakups. Being aware of these red flags could help a lot in order to stay warm and cozy with your significant other.

1. Making your love life as the center of your universe

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Being truly madly in love with your partner is a nice thing. It’s understandable, you love your partner. Your significant other is one of the greatest things that ever happened to you. However, sometimes, it is wiser give one another a breathing space and learn about moderation.

One of the cons about being too in love (or rather, too expressive about your love) with your partner is appearing too excessive and needy. It’s a suffocating trait that some people avoid.

2. Spending too much time with each other.

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One of the most endearing parts of being in a budding relationship is your desire to be with your significant other all the time. Suddenly, spending time with your partner is one of the best feelings in the world.

Unfortunately, being together all the time often leads to isolation from other important things around. Worse is that both of you end up becoming the unfortunate receptors of all your moods and emotions; both bad and good. This often leads to exhaustion. Similar to the aforementioned point, it is better to take this one into moderation as well.

3. Knowing your limits.

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When you’re in love with a person, you’re often willing to sacrifice a lot of things. You’re willing to make a few adjustments that you otherwise, wouldn’t normally do, just to please your significant other. Your partner doesn’t like the smell of cigarette? You quit smoking. Your partner doesn’t want you to spend too much time on work? You tone it down in order to have more intimate time.

Adjustments and sacrifices are normally great. As a matter of fact, knowing when to make them can drastically keep your relationship healthy. However, knowing the right amount of adjustment is also a key part of maintaining a stable relationship. Sometimes, adjusting too much in your life can be a bit toxic for both of you. You don’t want to change too much to the point that the relationship end up tilting with one-sidedness. The last thing you want is one of you moving to the other’s place prematurely when both of you are not ready yet. Quid pro quo – both sides should give one another a favor for balance.

4. Agreeing on everything without thinking about it.

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In order to please your significant other, you often end up agreeing with their terms regardless of the outcome. After all, their happiness is always first. Anything to make your partner happy, eh?

Unfortunately, excessive agreement is also not a good habit in a relationship. At least, sometimes, if you believe that it’s wrong, you should argue about it. Too much agreement often leads to boredom, especially in communication. Disagreeing here and there every once in a while when it makes sense is a good thing and a sign of a good relationship.

5. Having common friends.

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Befriending your partner’s friends is great. It’s often one of the best ways to get to know your partner, especially when you want to know stuff about them that they’d otherwise not tell you directly.

However, you should also be wary about spending too much time with your significant other’s friends. It’s often one of the quickest ways to build a biased perception of your partner. Furthermore, it also endangers your relationship because friends are often the best source of rumors and old, embarrassing secrets you’d rather not hear.

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