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Newborn Baby Found Abandoned In Bushes And Left Bitten By Ants

Those who found the baby didn’t seem to immediately get her to safety.






A newborn baby was found abandoned in the bush covered in ants and dirt. A footage of the moment the baby was found was uploaded online and stirred up netizens. Fortunately, the baby was found to have been breathing and was even crying.

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Although it was somehow a fortunate moment for the poor soul to be found, a lot of people were not happy about what they’ve just seen in the footage. People were enraged not only by the fact that an irresponsible mother left her baby to fend off for herself like that but also because the baby did not receive the help she badly needed.

This poor newborn baby girl was found in the bush left to be bitten by ants.

It can be seen that her umbilical cord is still intact.

A woman behind the camera was heard expressing her shock upon hearing that the baby made a sound.

A group of people didn't expect that the baby they found was still alive.

It’s unclear where exactly this baby was found but this was recorded in the Philippines. A lot of Filipinos can be superstitious and believe in supernatural beings, which is why a lady can be heard repeatedly saying that the baby might be a “tiyanak” or a goblin and she’s afraid to pick her up.

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Another person the innocent crying baby. The group thought the baby should be wrapped in a cloth so they waited for someone to bring them one. But what’s appalling to many people is that the group laid the baby again down on the ground as they waited for a piece of cloth to be given to them. Naturally, this irked the viewers.

One person wrote that it seemed like holding the phone to film the baby is more important than actually carrying the baby to warm it up.

The baby was put down on the ground as people seemingly waited for a piece of cloth.

No one dared to carry the baby to keep it warm with human touch.

It remains to be seen what really happened to the baby afterward. Here’s hoping that the little angel made it and survived.

WARNING: The video below may be upsetting for some viewers.

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25 Times People Won At Life By Being Hilariously Creative

Where was creativity when I needed it the most?




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Chilling Footage Shows Man Leaving A Baby On The Street At -20 Degrees Temperature

He left the poor baby during the time when the temperature plunged to -20 degrees.

Angela Beltran



The police are now looking for a man who abandoned a baby on the street in China at the wee hours, with the temperature plummeting to -20 degrees Celsius.

The chilling moment was captured by a CCTV monitor and it was released for the public to see if they know who the man is. The suspect can be seen putting the infant outside a hospital before running away in one of China's coldest cities, Jiamusi.

The man carried the baby in his arms near a hospital in China.

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Lucky Toddler Survives After Pencil Pierced Her Eye and Brain While Playing

She was one lucky girl who escaped death by a millimeter.




Coloring and drawing can be one of the most innocent activities for a toddler but what not many people realize is that it can be potentially dangerous. Imagine the horror of parents who, instead of feeling proud about their daughter's work of art, saw that a pencil the tot used to draw had just pierced her eye.

Two-year-old Wren Bowell had been drawing in her bedroom and ran outside toward her parents to show her work. On her way, she tripped over the stairgate and the pencil that was in her hand impaled her eye and went into her brain.

Wren tripped and fell while holding a pencil that pierced her eye.

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