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Baby Abandoned Inside A Trash Bin. Concerned Citizens Cleaned And Dressed Up The Innocent Child

What kind of monsters would do this to a child?


Babies are the most precious gift a woman can have. Nothing compares to the joy of holding your own flesh and blood in your arms, knowing that YOU were the one who made that life. With their innocent charm and cute face, all you want to do is stay by their side and protect them. If only babies can understand, you want to let them know how much you’ll care for them until the very end.

Although it is challenge to raise a child, the love of a mother should surpass all the hardships and be their sole reason for getting up everyday. Yes, it is hard to adjust to parenthood and make ends meet for the new member of the family but that’s every parent’s role: to do everything they can for the welfare of their child even if it means sacrificing personal goals.

Sadly, not all mothers take motherhood seriously. In a series of photos we found on the web, a baby was seen left alone inside a trash bin. The baby was sleeping quietly but when the citizens saw such a disgusting event, they pulled the baby out of the dirty trash and cleaned him/ her up.

Here are the photos:

The citizens discovered that an innocent baby was left all alone in a trash bin!


Photo credit: Trending News Portal
That heartbreaking scene when people found this poor baby in such a terrible condition.


Photo credit: Trending News Portal
The concerned people cleaned the baby up.


Photo credit: Trending News Portal
We never thought anyone could ever do such harsh thing to an innocent baby.


Photo credit: Trending News Portal

Details about the incident are scarce. We hope the mother or whoever did this to the baby see this post and be reminded that having a child is a serious responsibility. It is not something that you can leave behind when you get annoyed or when you can’t find means to buy milk or diapers. Being a parent is a lifelong privilege that nulls the self for the sake of the new life you created.

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South Korea Seized Smuggled Pills from China Containing Powdered Human Fetuses

Thousands of pills containing powdered human fetuses were recovered by South Korean officials.

Yet another shocking news: South Korean customs officials confiscated thousands of pills containing powdered human fetuses, which allegedly came from China. Since August 2011, South Korean officials have seized approximately 17,000 of these repulsive capsules from 35 smuggling attempts. Test results revealed that the so-called medicines were made up of 99.7% human tissues! The genders of the fetuses were also identified because of the test.

Those who have been detained for smuggling the pills claim that they are unaware of its components and how they are manufactured. Customs officials said, " The capsules were all confiscated, but no one has been punished because the amount was deemed small and they were not intended for sale." 

The pills are believed to be manufactured in Jilin region, which is proximal to North Korea.


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Chinese Mom Forced Sick Daughter to Eat Braised Mice

She thought it was braised rabbit, but no….

"Mothers know best", they say. In almost everything, we turn to our moms for support and knowledge. Although we know they are just human beings and they also make mistakes, it's in our nature to seek their love and attention, especially when we're not feeling well. There's nothing like a hot bowl of chicken soup or porridge from our moms when we're feeling a bit under the weather, right?

But what would you do if your mom would make you gobble down something quite disgusting? No, it's not something your mom knows you hate eating like fresh greens or some foul-smelling common dish.

Chen, a 26-year-old woman from Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province in southeast China was stunned when her mother served her this exotic meal for breakfast---BRAISED MICE!

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What Researchers and Scientists Found in South Africa Could Rewrite Human History!

The huge stone city could very well be the first civilization on Earth.

We, our fathers, and our forefathers have been told that Sumer, which is located in southern Mesopotamia (currently known as Iraq) is the site of the first known civilization on Earth. According to history books, it came to light approximately 6,000 years ago.

But a giant stone city, which is mostly buried under the sand in an area 150 km west of port Maputo, Mozambique in South Africa has been unearthed. Based on the calculations made using the dolerite erosion rate, it is probably between 160,000 and 200,000 years old. This makes it by far, older than the Sumerian civilization.

Huge stone circles comprise the ruins.


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