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Nurse Shows How To Put Your Baby To Sleep With Just A Towel





The most nerve-racking, exhausting, and hardest part of being new parents are the long nights. Newborns are naturally fussy and hungry, they feed every hour or per demand. So, the first few weeks to months of a baby’s life will mean lack of sleep for the parents.

For new mothers, it’s really a daunting task making sure the baby gets to sleep soundly. Infants can awaken to the slightest sound or movement that’s why putting them to sleep can be quite a challenge.

Putting newborns to sleep is a challenging task.

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Thanks to a nurse, babies can sleep better and soundly by just using a towel.

Ms. Le Thi Anh just delivered her baby in the hospital. Just like other new moms, she’s struggling with putting the baby to sleep. A nurse shared a sleeping trick to help her out. Anh recorded a video of this effective trick to help other new mothers, too.

For this, you’ll need a clean and rolled towel. The towel will create a nest for the baby to sleep in. The nest mimics the mother’s womb – warm and comfortable, helping the baby fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

First, you need a clean and soft towel, measuring around 120 cm x 60 cm.

Roll it up just like a long sausage. Make sure there are no loose ends.

Turn the baby to his side and slip the rolled towel between his legs.

The front end of the towel is tucked under the baby’s neck, in between his arms.

The same procedure will be done at the back end of the towel. After creating the nest for the baby, gently pat his bum or back to help him settle and fall asleep.

There you have it, a sleeping angel.

Watch the video below for the steps:

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Remember mommies, never leave your baby unattended while sleeping in a nest. Also, make sure there are no loose ends and refrain from using any blanket . Don’t let the baby sleep on his stomach. These reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which has been linked to these factors.

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