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Two New Math Problems Driving The Internet World Insane.

Two new math problems giving everyone on the internet such a hard time solving.


This ‘math craze’ has been getting quite an attention recently and it’s driving the people ‘nuts.’ A few months ago, we found out about a logical reasoning problem which instantly went viral after giving everyone a headache and a hard time solving.

Meanwhile, two new mind blowing math problems have surfaced online once again. The first one is visual logic problem which seems easy until you learn both the answer and explanation behind this question, ‘Which is the odd one out and why? Now are you up for the challenge?

Two new math problems instantly went viral again. The first problem asks, ‘Which is the odd one out and why?’


Photo credit: The Guardian

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Katana-Wielding Robot Battles a Human Samurai Sword Master.

Amazing display of precision skills and ultra-fast speed!

Slicing and cutting is an art. Whilst it looks like an ordinary daily task as it is being performed in the kitchen or at work everyday, there is actually a sword cutting craft that involves artistic and high-speed skills. In the video we found, two contenders fight for sword cutting greatness. Let's meet them.

The main man is Machii Isao, a professional swordsman who holds a five-time Guinness World Record in the field of Iaido sword cutting. Included in his records is the fastest 1,000 Iaido sword cuts made, which he performed in 36 minutes and four seconds.

His challenger? MOTOMAN-MH24 - a robot that has superb precision skills and swift movement. It can carry up to 24 kilograms and is said to have the “best-in-class speed of operation performance.” It has been improved time and again and to prove that, its inventors subjected it to a fast-paced slicing/ cutting challenge. It is part of a Japanese project called the Yaskawa Bushido Project.

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42-Year-Old Man Lures a Young, Pretty Girl Home After Posing as a 16-Year-Old Kid Online

Watch how other people reacted when this man invited the young girl to go home with him.

Social media sites are like a huge, virtual playground for people all throughout the world. Like most playgrounds, they offer very little security and are basically open to anyone. Out there, in those public play areas, you can sit and watch as your children play, but you can't choose nor stop others from playing there too, right? You wouldn't know if you're sitting and watching next to a pedophile or some other pervert. And online, if these "perps"  wanted to create a fictitious name, age, and personality--they can. They can be whoever they want to be and you won't even know.

In another social experiment facilitated by "What Would You Do?", they presented the dangers of the internet in a very clever and realistic manner. They set up a meeting between a very pretty 16-year-old girl and a 42-year-old man and made it appear like they've just met for the first time after chatting online. The young girl pretended to be shocked when she found out that they weren't of the same age like he claimed during their chats. The actors spoke loud enough for other people in the cafe to hear their conversation.

What do you think the customers did when they heard him persuade the teenager to "go home" with him?

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Animals Showed Hilarious Reactions When They Saw Themselves In The Mirror For The First Time!

A French photographer set up a large mirror in the middle of the forest and this is how the animals reacted!

Looking at the mirror every single day is an activity that is very ordinary for humans. We consult the mirror to see how a dress fits, how our hair fall or simply how we look in general. We do this before going to the school or office, or whenever we feel like it. Most often than not, women also have pocket-sized mirrors in their purses to check their reflection from time to time. But how about animals? Do you ever wonder how animals would react when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time? Xavier Huber Brierre, a french photographer went to Gabon with his wife and set up a large mirror in the middle of the forest. The reaction of the animals were varied -- some were terrified, others looked extremely puzzled, and one particular gorilla exhibited the best reaction of all.

Watch the video:

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Credits: Caters TV via Metaspoon

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