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11-Year-Old Girl Can Recognize Colors By Using The Sense of Smell

11-year-old Deepti learned about this unique ability just last year.


Remember the boy who reportedly sees even with a blindfold on by using his brain? Now, there’s another kid who joins the “super” team and this one is an 11-year-old girl from Nepal.

Deepti Regmi discovered last year that she has a special ability to recognize colors without actually seeing a thing. So how does she do it? She smells an item blindfolded and she can reportedly tell what color it is. Deepti’s peculiar ability may not have an official term but it is said to have something to do with her sensory nerves, a phenomenon known as synaesthesia.

This girl can recognize colors even blindfolded just by smelling things.

And she believes her unique ability is a gift from God.

Synaesthesia happens when the senses get mixed up, causing a sensation in one of the sensory input to stimulate the sensation in another. While Deepti can smell color, there are others who can visualize what color they are seeing just by listening to music, or how one can taste a certain flavor just by hearing particular sounds.

Deepti has since been developing her talent by sharpening her smelling skills.

Reportedly, Deepti’s parents – both of whom are teachers – are thrilled by the level of intelligence their daughter possesses.

Not only can Deepti smell colors but she can also identify them on a newsprint by feeling the letters.

Allegedly, she can also read the print by running her fingers through it. She was recorded in a session by Puskar Nepal, who then told journalists that he had to make sure her blindfold was put on properly.

“I checked the blindfold to ensure that she couldn’t see through it. I was really amazed that she could smell the colors and feel the fonts with her finger with so much ease.”

Puskar was amazed by the young girl’s abilities.

The American Psychological Association states that around one in 2000 people worldwide have synaesthesia and most of those with the condition are female. It remains unclear what causes this sensory disorder; experts say that genes may play a role but the cause can be spontaneous as well.

Watch the video below.

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