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Behind Mount Rushmore is a Vault Called the Hall of Records

There’s a a secret hall behind Mount Rushmore that’s filled with important documents from US history!


Even though there’s no Rushmore depicted in the famous sculpture, the Rushmore name comes from a prominent New York lawyer during an expedition in 1885. Mt. Rushmore’s primary intent was to increase tourism in Black Hills, South Dakota.

The project was approved under the term of Calvin Coolidge. It was started in 1927 by lead sculptor Gutzon Borglum and was finished in 1941 with no casualties.

Gutzon Borglum and his team undertook the project to carve out Mt. Rushmore.

Gutzon Borglum and his team undertook the project to carve out Mt. Rushmore.

Borglum already had an original design but it was changed to move the face of Lincoln and Jefferson to a less vulnerable area of granite. This is the same spot where Borglum intended to include an 80 by 100-foot inscription in the shape of the Louisiana Purchase.

Instead of the inscription, Borglum decided to put a different but equally grand addition: the Hall of Records.

The Hall of Records was supposed to include a grand entrance carved directly onto into the granite behind Lincoln’s head, with 800 granite steps leading from his studio to the entrance of the hall.

However, the project ran into several hurdles. The granite was unexpectedly hard, the threat of was was looming in Europe, and there was a lack of funding. By 1941, they had already dug 70 feet into the granite but then Borglum unexpectedly died. The project was then deemed complete and no further work was made.

By 1941, they had already dug 70 feet into the granite, but then Borglum unexpectedly died.

By 1941, they had already dug 70 feet into the granite, but then Borglum unexpectedly died.

Later on, Borglum’s children would try to renew the project. It was only in 1998 that the National Park System and Borglum’s family came together to put finishing touches on the Hall of Records.

The unfinished hall was fitted with a titanium vault and filled with 16 porcelain enamel panels that include numerous important historical documents such as the United States Constitution.

Today, the Hall of Records can be seen in west-facing aerial photographs of Mt. Rushmore.


People Are Baffled By The Sudden Appearance Of These Giant Snowballs On A Siberian Beach

It turns out it was a result of a rare environmental phenomenon, experts said.

Locals were recently surprised to find huge snowballs on a beach in northwest Siberia. A report by BBC News tells us that the “11-mile (18km) stretch of coast was covered in the icy spheres.”

The snowballs differed in sizes with some almost the same size as tennis balls while others measured almost 3 feet across.

Experts said that the balls were a result of a rare environmental occurrence where tiny pieces of ice were rolled by wind and water. People from the village of Nyda claim they have never seen anything similar to it before.

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25 Wealthiest, Healthiest, Happiest, and Most Advanced Countries in the World

How prosperous is your country? See if it made the list!

Last Thursday, the Legatum Institute released its 10th annual global prosperity index. This survey ranks the most prosperous countries in the world.

But it's not all about the money! The survey have 104 other variables like the business environment, governance, health, safety and security, personal freedom, and the natural environment.

149 countries were included in the survey, countries that have the most available data. In the past 7 years since the index has been conducted, Norway got the top spot, but that's not the case this year!

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SM Prime Aims to Finish Largest Mall in the World in 2018

Need a major shopping fix? Wait until 2018 and visit the world’s largest mall in Tianjin!

Philippine company SM Prime aims to create the world's largest mall in 2018. Considering the economy of the Philippines is the 36th largest in the world and they have a huge love of malls, it comes as no surprise that the largest mall in the world would be their undertaking.

SM Prime is one of the largest contributors to the growing economy of the Philippines. It's a subsidiary of SM Investment Corporation, the biggest company in the Philippines when it comes to market value.

SM Prime has already created some giant malls that dwarf those in other countries such as the aptly-named SM Megamall (474,000 square meters) and SM City North Edsa (‎498,000 square meters). On top of that SM has also created numerous urban residential units under the name SMDC.

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