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Vegetarian Woman Eats A Burger, Later Decides To Become A Butcher

Eating one burger changed her life!

  • Tammi Jonas, 49, was a vegetarian for 10 long years.
  • Her life changed after he decided to have a burger during a difficult day.
  • Now she’s running a farming business with her husband in Victoria, Australia.

49-year-old Tammi Jonas has been a vegetarian for ten years. Looking at her now today, however, anyone would be surprised to learn about her choice of business. With her husband, she now owns and runs a pasteurized pig farm.

By her own admission, the drastic transition all began when she gave in to her cravings one day and finally had a burger. She was, at the time, pregnant and “dangerously anaemic.” She decided a burger would surely “fix” her.

According to Tammi Jonas, she first began living the vegetarian lifestyle after learning about the harsh treatment of animals in the farm.

But after a decade of not eating meat, her first taste pulled her back into the habit. She had red meat (beef and lamb) at least weekly during the rest of her pregnancy and after a few years, she again had pork and poultry.

Now Tammi considers herself an “ethical omnivore.”

As the mother from Victoria, Australia puts it, she has always been against animal cruelty – such as locking them up in crowded sheds and not letting them spend time outdoors. Despite that, she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong about killing them for food.

After learning that it’s actually possible to run a farming business while treating animals right at the same time, Tammi and Stuart went on to embrace the idea more and more.

So far, the farming business is doing good for Tammi and her husband.

Now they “grow, butcher and cure all of (their) meat” for their customers and make it a point that they do not use any dangerous chemicals for their farm animals.

As she explained in a Daily Mail interview, she doesn’t “think killing an animal for consumption is unethical” as long as “it had a good life.”


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