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Former Dental Tech Designs Unique, Creepy Smartphone Cases





Cellphone cases, for the most part, look plainly boring. Sure, you may have a cute Panda case and a nice wallpaper but in the long run, yours still isn’t much of an attention-grabber as the ones you will see below.

A former dental technician of more than 20 years, Morgan Loebel put his expertise with teeth to good use by artistically blending it with horror elements to create these terrifying 3D-style cases for smartphones. These monstrous things sure look like they’re props straight from a horror or a fantasy flick – I can imagine them moving and talking – but no, they’re cases for sale and Morgan sells them online via Etsy.

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, Morgan has the perfect case for you – that is, of course, provided that you have a taste for dark, scary stuff.

Check out some of Morgan’s works below and try not to piss on your pants!

morgan loebel smartphone cases (1)

morgan loebel smartphone cases (2)

morgan loebel smartphone cases (3)

morgan loebel smartphone cases 4

Clearly, these amazing phone cases are not recommended for the faint of heart. This would likely give them nightmares so don’t bother giving this as a gift for a scaredy cat. That would be a terrible idea.

If you are interested to purchase a case or two, go head over to Morgan Loebel’s MorgansMutations page on Etsy.

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