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Nanny Cam Captures Creepy Video Of Seemingly Possessed Toddler





There are several videos on the internet that claim to have captured the paranormal. But is it possible that a nanny cam has recorded something truly eerie happening in someone’s home? The footage taken inside a child’s bedroom shows what could be an innocent toddler being possessed by a terrifying demon.

The video starts out pretty innocently but it immediately becomes clear that the child is in distress. He continues crying and then somehow manages to climb on his crib and stand on the railing. The toddler cries out for his mother before falling back into the crib, seemingly pushed by an invisible hand.

Watch the shocking video below:

There is little doubt that the video shows every parent’s nightmare. But does it actually show a toddler being possessed by a demon? Several viewers believe that there is something in the room terrifying the child.

One comment pointed out that it looks like the toddler is being held up by an invisible force. Another stated that the child’s arms may have been controlled before the entity pushed him back into his crib. They wrote:

“The fact that a child THAT young managed to stay up there for so long is disturbing, then it just falls over like what it should of done after standing up there for even a second. Another unnatural thing about the footage is the way the baby falls, naturally it would have fallen forward and out of the bed but he fell backwards, he also so quickly it was like he was pushed backwards.”

The helpless toddler repeatedly screamed for his mother.

Although most people were convinced that a ghost might be the reason for the toddler’s distress, others were just furious that his parents left him alone in the first place.

“As a parent, I’m a bit pissed that the parents didn’t get up IMMEDIATELY. I’d freaking FLY through the house for my daughter. Shame on them for letting this poor kid get hurt on multiple occasions,” one commenter wrote.

What do you think of the creepy video? Is the child possessed or simply really good at balancing? Let us know in the comments below.

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