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These Stunning Photos Of Montenegro Should Convince You To Visit The Small Country

I’d go there in a heartbeat.


Montenegro may be a small country in the Balkans, but it has so much to offer when it comes to utterly gorgeous landscapes. You can get a little bit of everything in this beautiful country located in southeastern Europe.

If you want a vacation where you can marvel at the bright cerulean shades of the Adriatic sea, experience the thrill among the mountains and be one with nature in the country’s pristine forests, this is the place to be.

When you’re tired of the busy life and need a break from the big city, Montenegro should offer you a calm environment where you can be in touch with your inner self.

Here are amazing photos of Montenegro which would probably convince you that it’s your next country of destination.

The Balkan country, Montenegro, is easily one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


Source: Liza Dolz
You’ll get to enjoy these fascinating and breathtaking landscapes.



Source: TurizmGlobal


Montenegro once belonged to the Socialist Federal Republica of Yugoslavia, then to the Federal Republica ofYugoslavia, and to Serbia and Montenegro, before the country became a separate entity from Serbia in 2006.

One of the highlights of this European country is its medieval towns, which have been well-preserved throughout the ages.

The iconic clock tower in Kotor.


This is one of the most fascinating things about Montenegro’s Kotor. The clock has been running since the year 1602. According to The Crowded Planet, the clock is maintained by the same family of watchmakers, who work on a shop located at the base of the tower.

Here are more photos of the sceneries you’ll get to enjoy while staying in Montenegro.


Source: Nasbiro

montenegro-magical islands



Source: Jack Malipan




Source: Ilia Khodos


Source: Tumblr


Source: Photodom





Source: Saga


10 Hilarious Photos That Show Travel Expectations Vs. The Reality

These images will have you in stitches!

Have you ever looked twice at the food you ordered in a fast food restaurant and wondered why it wasn’t as big and appealing as the one pictured in ads and on their lighted display board-style menu? Nobody would want a sloppy-looking burger or soggy fries, right? So, of course, for marketing purposes, those foods had to be prepped and photoshopped to look delectable or mouth-watering on the menu. That's reality.

Unfortunately, travel brochures are like that sometimes. The photos of some famous landmarks had to be edited in a way that would make the site appear more inviting. Tourists may be a bit shocked, though. As soon as they arrive, they'll realize that the place isn’t exactly as picture-perfect as they have been expecting.

Well, especially when myriads of people decided to take a vacation the same time you did.

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This Solar-Powered Tricycle Is All Sorts of Awesome

I totally want to have one!

You hit two birds with one stone when you ride a bike to work. Aside from helping you save on gas, you get to enjoy regular exercise for free. No wonder, more and more employees can be seen riding bikes on a daily basis. It’s really an economical and practical way to stay in shape.

These benefits, however, are not as accessible during the rainy season. No one likes to get wet, after all.

Fortunately, VeloMetro came up with a brilliant solution for that dilemma by creating Veemo, the “next wave of sustainable personal transportation”.

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This Japan Hotel Is The World’s Oldest, Operating For More than 1,300 Years

There’s one particular reason why guests just love this hotel.

It was once thought that the Hoshi Ryokan, which was constructed in 718 A.D., was the oldest operational hotel in the world, until it was realized that there was a much older hotel – Nishiyama Onsen Keiunan, built in 705 A.D and located in Hayakawa village in Japan.

This year, the hotel is now 1, 311 years old. The inn has been operational ever since and only closed down during renovations. The business has been operated by all 52 generations of the descendants of Fujiwara Mahito.

On the inside, you can expect a traditional Japanese interior design, but guests can enjoy a modern type of accommodation. People from all walks of life have stayed in the hotel including samurai and politicians, and all are after one thing – the hot springs.

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