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5 Sunny Places To Visit In Europe This Winter





Are you planning a trip to Europe this winter? You better be prepared for the cold weather and snow across the continent. On the other hand, there are a few places around Europe where you can still enjoy the sun this season. This means you can still have fun at the beach, although the rest of the continent is freezing.

The southern reaches of Europe offer several warm options for travellers who are hoping to see some winter sun. Whether you head off to Greece, Spain, or Italy, you’ll be able to enjoy some time at the beach.

Here are five sunny places to visit in Europe this winter:

1. Anywhere In Malta

Malta is a popular place to visit during summer when it gets too crowded and the temperature might be too high. However, you’ll be pleased to find that the weather is cooler during winter with just the right amount of sun.

2. The Algarve (Portugal)

You’ve probably heard of the Algarve and its stunning beaches and considered heading to Portugal during the summer. But you’ll find that the region is even more beautiful in winter.

3. Sicily (Italy)

Most places bloom in summer but Sicily gets even more colorful in winter. In addition to warm days, you can enjoy fresh fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes. Either way, you won’t even remember it’s winter when you’re in Italy.

4. Crete (Greece)

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a pink sand beach, head for Elafonissi in Crete. This is the perfect time when the sand turns bright pink. The beaches can be warm during the daytime but temperatures can drop at night so pack accordingly.

5. Seville (Spain)

It almost never gets cold in Seville, even during the winter. Just be ready for an occasional rain shower. Still, you might need an umbrella to hide from all the sunshine in Spain.

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