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Coronavirus May Last in Europe For About 2 Years, Says Chinese Expert

Europe’s battle against COVID-19 might still be far from over.

  • Infectious diseases expert Zhang Wenhong recently said that coronavirus (COVID-19) could possibly last up to 2 years in Europe.
  • Healthcare workers are currently getting overwhelmed with the increasing number of cases and deaths in Italy, Spain, and Germany.
  • According to Zhang, extreme measures need to be taken if they hope to get the pandemic under control.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to claim lives across the world, an expert from China has shared a grim prediction for Europe: they might be facing this problem for up to 2 years.

According to Zhang Wenhong, head of Shanghai’s COVID-19 clinical expert team and infectious diseases director for Fudan University’s Huashan Hospital, Europe’s battle is still far from over.

In a video conference, Zhang told his audience:

“It would be perfectly normal if the virus comes and goes, and lasts for one or two years. I can tell you now, forget the idea that the pandemic will come to an end in Europe in the near future.”

Zhang’s bad news comes amid the rising number of confirmed cases and deaths, particularly in Italy, Spain, and Germany.

As of March 27, Italy has reported a total of 80,589 cases and 8,215 fatalities. Spain, on the other hand, has 64,059 cases and have lost 4,858 lives. Both European countries have already surpassed China’s death toll of 3,292.

Meanwhile, Germany has 47,278 COVID-19 cases and 281 deaths.

The growing number of cases and deaths is currently overwhelming the health care system in these countries, as some health professionals are getting infected while medical equipment and supplies are now running low.

Zhang added that “extremely radical” measures had to be implemented if Europe wants to stop the crisis in a shorter amount of time. He believes the pandemic “could be stopped” if the entire world would only “stop moving for 4 weeks.”

“But I cannot imagine a total global suspension ever possibly happening. Not even in Germany or Europe,” he commented.

Watch this video report:

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U.S. Justice Warns That People Spreading COVID-19 Could Be Charged As “Terrorists”

“Threats or attempts to use COVID-19 as a weapon against Americans will not be tolerated.”

  • The United States Department of Justice warned people against blatant spreading of the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19), noting that they could be charged as "terrorist."
  • The American government also stressed that it will not tolerate any "threats" or "attempts" to use the coronavirus as a weapon against people.
  • The authority also warned the public to be cautious over a wide range of "fraudulent and criminal" activities connected with the virus.

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They end up with facial marks and bruises after working long hours while wearing goggles, masks, and suits.

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China to End Lockdown on Wuhan Starting April 8

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  • Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, will soon ease restrictions after a 2-month lockdown.
  • The government has officially announced that the lockdown will be lifted beginning April 8.

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