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Instagram Influencers Are Getting Sick After Posing In Toxic Blue Lake




  • Instagrammers believe they found a gorgeous lake in Spain that’s perfect for all their nature photos.
  • Unfortunately, the so-called lake in Monte Neme happens to be contaminated with toxic chemicals.
  • Those who swam in the quarry are becoming violently ill because of all the chemicals.

Who would have thought that something so pretty could be so toxic? Instagrammers thought they have found the perfect little lake where they could take amazing photos to share on social media. Unfortunately, the blue lake also happens to be a toxic quarry that made them violently ill.

The lake in question is the Monte Neme lake in the community of Galicia in Spain. It might look Instagram-worthy but there is a dark reason why the quarry has a pretty blue hue. It happens to be a toxic waste dump of Tungsten mine which may have been used in World War II and was abandoned due to its toxicity. The turquoise color is a result of chemical contamination.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped Instagram influencers from heading down to Monte Neme to pose in front of the lake or even worse, dive into the waters. Not surprisingly, the Instagrammers have reported that they have gotten sick after being close to the quarry.

One Instagrammer revealed that she decided to take a picture when she didn’t see any warning signs and thought that “the water looked very pretty.” However, she immediately began vomiting and suffered skin irritation that lasted for two weeks.

Another Instagram influencer took a dip in the waters and immediately suffered the same symptoms. He did, however, claim that it was all worth it because he took an amazing picture.

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So what are the consequences of bathing in the toxic waters? Dr. Manuel Ferreiro of the University Hospital of Coruña says that a quick dip won’t lead to serious problems although you will get skin and eye irritation. However, if you stay longer or swallow the water, it could cause digestive disorders, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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