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5,000 People Attend Barcelona’s First Concert Without Social Distancing After Passing Covid-19 Testing




  • 5,000 people gathered in Barcelona for a Love of Lesbian concert.
  • All attendees had to wear masks and were required to undergo Covid-19 testing.
  • 80 nurses were present at the venue to administer testing for all concertgoers.

Barcelona just held a massive musical event with over 5,000 attendees and they didn’t have to observe social distancing rules. The catch? Well, all the concert-goers had to be tested for Covid-19 before being allowed entry to the venue.

The concert recently took place in the Palau Sant Jordi sports complex and featured Spanish indie pop band Love of Lesbian.

According to reports, attendees had to undergo a Covid-19 antigen test earlier on the day of the event. Plus they were required to wear masks during the gig. Moreover, we learn that the scheduled time of the concert had to be pushed back a little as authorities had to ensure health and safety protocols are all observed.

80 nurses were at the venue to administer rapid tests. They later identified 3 positive cases by 12 PM and while the patients weren’t permitted entry, they were given full refund for the concert ticket.

“Welcome to one of the most exciting concerts of our lives!” screamed Love of Lesbian vocalist Santi Balmes.

Meanwhile, concertgoer Jose Parejo said in a media interview:

“We were able to evade reality for a while. We were inside our small concert bubble. And we were even able to remember back in time when things like this one were normal. Things that nowadays aren’t that normal, sadly.”

Salvador, another attendee, shared:

“It was spectacular. We felt safe at all times. We were in the front row and it was something we’d missed a lot. We are very proud to have had the chance to take part in this. We hope it’ll be the first of many.”

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