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Mom Surprises Compassionate Day Care Teacher With This Amazing Gift!





We sometimes meet individuals who are extraordinarily kind, selfless, devoted, loving, and hardworking. These are the men and women who, even with the little things they do, touch the hearts and spirits of the people around them.

This mom who was deeply moved by her daughter’s teacher’s dedication that she decided to repay her with an act of kindness.

Britteny Nichols, the mother of a two-year-old child who goes to Benton Preschool and Childcare, said she loves Ms. Owens because she’s “always so amazingly happy and kind.” So, when she learned that the teacher walks to school every day regardless of the weather, she knew in her heart that she had to help her.

Nichols raised funds and purchased a pre-owned Chevy Cavalier for Ms. Owens within a few weeks. People from the community also gave donations to help fix up the car. And since the teacher doesn’t have a driver’s license, she collected donations to have her enrolled at a driving school. The money was also enough to cover for the insurance.

When Nichols finally surprised Ms. Owens with the gift, they both can’t hold back the tears as the teacher continually thanked her.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video and has now gone viral on social media.

“Every single morning when I drop my daughter off Christy is full of joy.

“Christy is always so amazingly happy and kind. She treats the children as if they are her own. They all love her as do we the parents. I witnessed Christy walking one Sunday in her Sunday dress with her Bible tucked under her arm. I felt like God spoke to me to inquire about her transportation. Long story short Christy did not own a vehicle and had never had the opportunity to own one or get a driver’s license…until today,” Nichols stated in her YouTube post.

“Good things happen to good people” indeed.

Watch this:

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H/T: Brittney Nichols, Sunnyskyz

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