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Mom Refuses to Smash Window of BMW Where Her Three-Year-Old Son is Trapped





A mother of a three-year-old boy accidentally trapped inside a BMW refused to smash its window because she didn’t want to damage her luxury car.

Despite hearing the pitiful cries of her own son, the unnamed woman from China opted to do nothing  to help him while waiting for the locksmith who will unlock the door.

Passers-by witnessed how the boy clawed at the car window due to extreme heat and lack of oxygen. The incident took place in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, where temperatures recently reached around 32C.

Photo credit: Mirror UK

When the boy began to faint, the firefighters took matters into their hands and smashed the BMW’s window  to save the child.

Photo credit: Mirror UK

Reportedly, the parents of the child left the youngster inside the car as they shopped nearby.

Speaking to Zhejiang Online, a firefighter said: “It is very dangerous to leave kids inside car, especially in such heat. The temperature inside the car can soar in very short time and threaten the child’s life.”


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