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This Mom Loses 155 Pounds By Doing This





A mother’s decision can change her children’s lives forever, and that’s what one woman did: decide to finally get healthier in order to be there for her children.

Alena Shifrin was once a 310-pound mother who wasn’t healthy at all. Her cholesterol levels were really soaring high, and her physician husband warned her that her weight could actually kill her. She was even denied to get life insurance because of her health status.

Alena became depressed about her situation and realized that she had to take action. She then decided to change her life and finally lose weight. She wanted to be healthier for her husband and for her daughters. She wanted to see them grow up and be there for them in the most important events of their lives.

I want to be at their wedding, you know, 20 years from now… I don’t want them to have to bury their mom. I was just so tired living like this. So tired of being overweight. Tired of being a prisoner in my own body.

With determination, discipline, and by attending Zumba classes, Alena was finally able to shed off pounds. It was not an easy start as shyness took over her. Fortunately, her Zumba instructor Shahidah Ansari noticed her and inspired her, and that’s how 155-pound weight loss journey started.

It was completely worth climbing the mountain. Because at the top, I’m living it with them, not just watching from the side.

Watch how Zumba helped Alena lose weight and gain her life back here:

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