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Meet The Badass Female MMA Fighter Who is Undefeated and Ridiculously Hot!





Every woman’s success story is a result of her determination and struggle to prove to the world that women are equally capable and strong as men. Leaving remarkable names, respected titles and dominating  different fields which used to have a room for men alone, women are just unstoppable. Another  young female is about to prove us that so get ready to swoon.

The 21-year-old Alexa Grasso is making a name in Mixed Martial Arts as a Female Mexican Fighter who is currently undefeated with 4 knockouts under her belt and  a record of 6-0-0 (win-loss-draw). This badass fighter decided to pursue her career in MMA after attending a match with his uncle who has been his coach since she started.

How she managed to balance both her work and studies is yet another striking fact about Alexa. She is currently a college student with a specialization in morphology, quite impressive like her built at 5’5″ , weighing 115 pounds with that sexy abs, well toned muscles and a pretty face.

Talking like a woman of substance, she says it’s the skill and athleticism greatly involved in her sport that inspired her to dedicate her life in her chosen craft despite criticisms.

While bringing enlightenment to people about her sport, she is also an inspiration to others especially to women.

“I was amazed to see that such beautiful and strong women could punch and kick that way against a larger rival. I saw the beauty of the sport and that women are just as capable as men to fight.”


Check out her photos and see for yourself:




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