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Miracle Dog Survived Being Shot 17 Times, Now Works as Therapy Dog




  • She was mercilessly shot multiple times with an air gun, which made her blind.
  • A man in Lebanon took her in, which led to her rescue by the Wild At Heart Foundation.
  • Kasey arranged for Maggie to travel to the UK and give the dog a forever home.

When five-year-old street dog Maggie was discovered in Lebanon, she didn’t look like she was going to make it. She was in a horrific condition. The poor pooch was shot a mind-boggling 17 times with an air gun (these included her eyes, which left her blind), her ear was cut off, and she had a broken jaw.

She was also pregnant, tied to a box, and abandoned on the streets. It looked like only a miracle would have saved Maggie. That miracle came in the form of the animal charity Wild At Heart Foundation.

The organization rescued Maggie and took care of her until she was adopted just recently.

Not only was she able to find her forever home, but Maggie is also working now as a therapy dog, complete with a big Instagram following.

It was a massive comeback for a dog who was about to die.

Months earlier, dog lover Kasey Carlin of Brighton heard about Maggie’s story through the Wild At Heart Foundation. A man in Lebanon posted on social media asking help for Maggie. He got emergency treatment for the dog in Beirut. A woman in London saw the post and made an effort to help the dog.

Kasey explained that the foundation was willing to take Maggie in, even if it’s difficult to get animals out of Lebanon. Kasey’s mother saw the post and wanted to foster the dog.

She showed the picture to Kasey, who agreed to foster Maggie.

But first, Maggie had to go through surgery before exiting Lebanon. Kasey and her mother got more acquainted with how extensive the dog’s injuries were. Also, the dog’s eyes had to be sewn up permanently to prevent further damage.

When Maggie fully recovered, she was finally allowed to fly to the UK to meet her new loving family.

Kasey went into tears when she met Maggie at the airport. She contacted charities for blind dogs to ask help for the dog. The charities advised her to map out the house for the dog room by room.

Kasey sectioned off the kitchen and on Maggie’s first night, the dog slept in her crate. When Kasey took Maggie out to the toilet, it was actually the first time that the dog touched grass.

Concerned friends asked Kasey about why Maggie wasn’t put down given her suffering. They also inquired whether the dog will still have a good quality of life.

But when they saw Maggie in person and how the dog was running and playing, they changed their minds.

“I’ve never met a dog like Maggie,” Kasey said. “She’s just brilliant. She’s so energetic and bubbly. She walks off the lead and follows me around.

“She must have been in agony with all she’s been through, but she never hurt anyone and she’s so loving.”

Maggie’s story became popular via online to the point that Kasey had to run the dog’s social media full-time, quitting her job in dog daycare to do so.
The wunder dog also appeared on the This Morning show along with proud Kasey.

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Currently, Maggie is making waves working as a therapy dog. Twice a week, she goes to the University of Sussex campus and lets students walk her.

She also visits care homes to cheer up the elderly, who have grown fond of petting the adorable blind dog.

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