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Hammerhead Shark Struggles Then Dies On The Street After Residents Played With It

This is truly heartbreaking and appalling.


Hammerhead sharks are fascinating creatures because of the unique shape of their heads. It is also listed as a protected species, so when you see one being abused by people, it’s easy to feel furious and appalled.

Netizens were enraged after a video of a hammerhead shark brought to land and obviously struggling without water made the rounds on social media. The sickening incident happened in Currimao, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines, a Provincial Fisheries Regulatory Officer has confirmed.

This wounded hammerhead shark ended up on the street in Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

Onlookers just stood by watching as the shark was struggling.

What's more appalling is the moment this guy kicked the creature to see if it was still alive.

GMA News reported that residents in the area caught the vulnerable shark and brought it on land. Onlookers were calmly looking at the poor sea creature. Another person, the one who took the video, was seen kicking the shark to check if it’s still breathing. After the abuse, the shark eventually died.

The video was uploaded to the Facebook Page Movement Against Plastic Pollution and was shared numerous times. The footage serves as a reminder for people that it’s a crime to abuse vulnerable animals like the hammerhead sharks. It turns out that the creature is one of Philippines’ highly protected species. The page laid out the penalties for anyone who’s found guilty of harming or killing hammerhead sharks.

Upon a summary finding of administrative liability, the Department shall penalize the offender with a fine equivalent to three (3) times the value of the species or Three hundred thousand pesos (P300,000.00) to Three million pesos (P3,000,000.00), whichever is higher, and forfeiture of the species.

Upon conviction by a court of law, the offender shall be punished by imprisonment of five (5) to eight (8) years and a fine equivalent to twice the administrative fine and forfeiture of the species.

The video has since been deleted from the Facebook page but not before others had the chance to secure a copy. It is believed that the people in the video may not know about this creature and got curious about it. But we know how that saying goes, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.”

Reports have it that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is currently looking into this matter.

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Sea Turtles Are Turning Female Because of Rising Temperatures

The warmer the temperature is, the bigger probability that hatchlings will turn female.

Here's a fascinating tidbit about sea turtles - their gender depends on temperature. The warmer the temperature is, the bigger probability that hatchlings will turn female. Because of global warming, the number of female sea turtles are increasing dramatically.

According to the study of researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California State University and Worldwide Fund for Nature Australia,:

"Combining our results with temperature data show that the northern GBR green turtle rookeries have been producing primarily females for more than two decades and that the complete feminisation of this population is possible in the near future."

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Million of Crabs in Christmas Island Marches Back to the Jungle After Mating Season

The tide of crustaceans crawling all over the beach is so thick it can be seen from Google Earth.

Once a year, millions of baby crabs can be seen making their way to the beaches of Christmas Island during mating season. These crabs came from the ocean and are heading towards the jungle where the adult crabs live.

The march produces a sea of crimson, a sight so amazing that it has become a tourist attraction. The tide of crustaceans crawling all over the beach is so thick it can be seen from Google Earth. Just try to imagine that!

The annual mating season of the crabs attracted tourists to Christmas Island.

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Woman Performs Surgery On A Butterfly With Broken Wings – And It Worked!

Despite having no medical expertise, she was able to perform a successful wing transplant.

Monarch butterflies are perhaps one of the most interesting species, with wings that seem to be a work of art. They can only live from two weeks to five months the most. Apparently, there was a certain butterfly on a brink of death. It basically came into this world with a defected wing.

Romy McCloskey vowed to raise three monarch butterflies, but one of these creatures had a problem on its wings. Determined he could save it, Romy turned her home into a mini operating room. She even used common household items in performing a wing transplant. Yes, that's right – a wing transplant!

What is more interesting is the fact that Romy had no medical expertise whatsoever. She was a “professional costume designer and master hand embroiderer,” though. Still, she managed to make the operation successful.

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