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Chinese Vet Removes Vocal Cords Of Dogs To Prevent Them From Barking

Poor dogs! They have been stripped off of their right to communicate.


A shocking trend in a Chinese city reveals pet owners sending their dogs to street vets to have their vocal cords removed in order to “silence” them. An unlicensed man who claims he’s a vet is in hot water after he was caught removing the vocal cords of dogs on the streets to prevent them from barking.

Dog lovers are enraged by the viral video that shows an unlicensed veterinarian cutting off the animals’ vocal cords.

The undercover report has exposed the man's brisk business at a stall in Chengdu’s bird and flower market.

The officials in Qingbaijiang District in Chengdu have initiated a probe into a man, identified as “Zeng” and his assistant, who are both unlicensed. Mr. Zeng was seen reaching into the throats of dogs and slicing off their vocal cords, leaving the dogs mute and with no means to communicate.

The dogs were put to sleep, not knowing that upon waking up, they can't bark anymore.

The Chengdu Business Daily conducted an undercover report and revealed that the quack vet started his business on September 14, wherein he had set up a booth and displayed his equipment.

He charges 50 to 100 yuan per dog, which is equivalent to $7.62 to $15.24.

The video shows Zeng injecting anesthesia to the dogs, reached out into the poor animal’s mouth and cut off its larynx. It can also be seen that all his equipment are not sterilized or cleaned after each operation, which should be a standard procedure for any surgery.

Worse, he just threw the vocal cords on the street.

An undercover reporter pretended to be a potential customer and asked Zeng if he has a license.

He told the reporter that he just learned the procedure from "friends" in the past.

Mr. Zeng said as reported by Daily Mail:

“Why do you need a license? The inspection is not strict and no one is checking anyway.”

When the customers were asked why they brought their pets for the operation, they said that their dogs kept on yapping, making their neighbors irritated and angry.

The authorities have stopped Mr. Zeng's operations pending further investigation.

According to China’s Animal Epidemic Prevention Law, the practice of Mr. Zeng did not conform to the standards of an animal clinic. Conducting the surgical operations on the streets could increase the risk of bacterial infections to the dogs, and the use of unsterile equipment can pose threats of disease spread among canines.

In fact, the procedure should be performed by a qualified and licensed veterinarian, in a sanitary environment.

Moreover, according to the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, devocalization is an invasive procedure with many risks and should only be done as the last resort treatment for dogs who are yapping and barking constantly.

The procedure is tied to the heightened risks of anesthesia use, blood loss, infection and other severe complications.

Lastly, both the dog owners and the quack vet removed the dog's right to communicate.

Watch the video below (graphic content warning):

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