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Woman Complains About ‘Female Santa’ Suit She Got From eBay

“When your order arrives online and it’s nothing like you expected.”

Mark Andrew





Ever experienced getting disappointed with a product you bought online? It’s such a bummer when you pay for something and get something that’s obviously less (or different) than what was described, right? That’s exactly how one mother-of-two felt but somehow, the internet had mixed reactions about it.

28-year-old Lisa Williamson, 28, of Edinburgh, Scotland spent £7 on eBay to buy a sexy Santa suit. According to her, she got one and planned to wear it for her pole dancing class. However, she was disappointed when her order arrived.

The suit looked “cheap and frumpy,” according to Lisa.

Lisa shared how the product specifically mentioned that it’s a “one size fits all” garment but she had a hard time wearing it when she finally tried on.

The product description guaranteed:

“It’s so stretchy so you don’t have to be worried about it being the exact size you need.”

It definitely wasn’t the case for Lisa.

Lisa eventually shared her experience on social media.

She wrote on Facebook:

“When your order arrives online and it’s nothing like you expected. Been looking forward to this coming for ages – but only thing that’s the same is the color.”

Fortunately, Lisa still managed to retain her sense of humor despite the letdown.

Lisa added:

“When I opened it up I instantly saw it was rubbish quality and I was a bit gutted because I’d been looking forward to getting it. Still, I thought I’d try it on anyway and found it hilarious how it looked.

“After that I took pictures and sent them to my friend Georgie, who told me I should post them on Facebook so I did to give other people a laugh.”

As for the netizens’ reactions on her viral post, she said:

“The majority of people who have seen and commented on my posts have found it funny and tagged their friends.

“A few said there’s no difference apart from the hood and some saying I need to get a bigger size or that it’s because of the shape of my body.

“Going by the description it should have been a comfy fit and the description even says ‘the costume is very good quality and looks great on.’

“But I’ve checked the measurements and they’re all wrong – I’d still shop online, but I’d be more careful with eBay.”

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Mark Andrew



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