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A Peek into the Bedrooms of Millennials from All Over the World

John Thackwray takes photos of millennials in their rooms to show how they’re all vastly different.

Mich Escultura





When you think of millennials, what do you picture? Do you imagine someone in their 20’s browsing through Facebook on their iPhone while sipping a spiced latte at Starbucks?

That image might be right in some parts of the globe, and in a way, it perpetuates the stereotype of millennials being entitled and lazy. But when you think about it, millennials get lumped into the same category, when all they really have in common is their age.

In reality, millennials come in all shapes and sizes, with vastly different interests and lifestyles, depending on where they are.

To take a glimpse into the millennials of the world, French filmmaker and photographer John Thackwray traveled across 55 countries to photograph their living spaces. He photographed the rooms of over 1,200 young people and compiled his favorites into a book called My Portrait of a Generation.

Thackwray said:

“The world is changing so fast, and I feel it’s important to document the lifestyle of my generation, not only at home, but across the globe. I hope that through these photos, people will become a little more conscious about the world surrounding us.”

Here are some of Thackwray’s photos:

1. Bucharest, Romania – Andreea, 24 years old, civil engineer.


2. Paris – Joseph, 30 years old, artist.


3. Istanbul – Gullé, 29 years old, actor.


4. Los Angeles – Tosha, 26 years old, go-go dancer.


5. Echo Manyata, Kenya – Ezekiel, 22 years old, warrior.


6. Novosibirsk, Russia – Oleg, 24 years old, telecom engineer.


7. Kigali, Rwanda – Josee, 22 years old, accounting student.


8. Rio de Janeiro – Claudio, 24 years old, archivist.


9. Ban Saingam, Thailand – Fha, 20 years old, farmer.


10. New York – Maleeq, 28 years old, entertainer.


11. La Paz, Bolivia – Marcello, 18 years old, high school student.


12. Tokyo – Ryoko, 25 years old, IT engineer.


13. Saint Catherine, Egypt – Mohamed, 18 years old, student of traditional healing.


14. Tehran – Élahé, 29 years old, painter.


15. Ha Selomo, Lesotho – Osia, 18 years old, shepherd.


16. Dali, China – Yuan, 22 years old, vendor.


17. Bamansemilya, India – Asha, 17 years old, homemaker.


18. Katmandu, Nepal – Pema, 22 years old, Buddhism student.


19. Zhanbyl, Kazakhstan – Zhalay, 18 years old, high school student.


Check out more about My Portrait of a Generation at the official website and you may also follow him on Facebook!

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