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Newborn Baby Frowns At Doctor Who Tries To Make Her Cry

Sick of this world since day 1!

  • Baby Isabela Pereira de Jesus was recently born in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Photograper Rodrigo Kuntsmann was around to capture the moment and one of his snapshots went viral.
  • The hilarious image features the baby girl seemingly frowning at the doctor who was trying to make her cry.

A newborn baby from Brazil has captured the internet’s attention after a photo of her went viral on social media. The said picture shows the baby with a grumpy facial expression, giving the doctor a stare down – as if she just been disturbed from a long sleep.

Photographer Rodrigo Kuntsmann took the funny shot at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. The picture features baby Isabela Pereira de Jesus and the world just can’t get enough of her unmistakable angst.

Just look at that fierce face!

Netzens couldn’t help but laugh about – and relate with – the baby’s angry countenance. As a commenter pointed out, Isabela “obviously looks tired of this world from day 1.”

In an interview with Crescer, Rodrigo shared that upon her delivery, the baby “opened her eyes wide and didn’t cry” but instead made a “sulky” face.

Fortunately, he got to capture the priceless moment on camera.

“When I posted it, I thought it would have the potential to become a meme,” said Rodrigo.

The family likewise laughed hysterically when he showed them the shot.

Daiane de Jesus Barbosa, Isabela’s mother, said she didn’t really catch her baby’s frown because it only happened for a few seconds. She is, however, grateful that Rodrigo managed to take a quick snapshot.

Delivered via C-section, Isabela no longer makes her iconic frown unless she’s hungry or wants a diaper change, according to Daiane and Renato Pereira da Rocha, her partner.

And yes, make no mistake about it. Isabela is actually “very sweet,” according to Kuntsmann. “The picture was just a moment,” he told TODAY.


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