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Meet the Man Who Swims with Piranhas in the World’s Most Dangerous Rivers!

Also known as the “fishman”, this marathon swimmer aims to raise awareness about the quality of waters around the world.


United States’ Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps may have dominated the swimming pools with his record-breaking performances, but this marathon swimmer rules the wild rivers of the world.

At 61 years of age, Slovenian marathon swimmer Martin Strel may not look like he has it in him to swim across vast bodies of water, but he is actually a Guinness world record holder. He has swam the Danube river in a record-breaking 58 days, the Mississipi in 68 days, the Yangtze in 51, and the Amazon in 66 days. To date, he is the only person to achieve the feat of swimming the whole length of the Amazon.

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Throughout his entire swimming career, the five-foot-eleven-inches tall athlete has faced severe and life-threatening medical conditions and physical injuries, the most memorable of which were being attacked by piranhas in the Amazon and the liver damage he sustained from the pollution in Yangtze.

Despite his age and all the maladies he incurred from swimming, the “King of Rivers” still plans on doing marathon swims.

“My life is very connected with water”, says Strel. In another interview, he has also stated that “…my target is just to raise much more awareness on this planet. I don’t know everything, but I know a lot—I think I am one of the people on this planet who really knows what’s going on with water today. My target is to see happy fish swimming in the water”.

The world needs more athletes like Martin!

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This Animated Short Film About Wishes Will Give You The “Feels”

Too much feels!


Have you ever wondered how wishing wells or fountains work? Well, of course, some say it's pure magic, while others argue it's just baloney. Nevertheless, we've all felt the giddy excitement when throwing that coin in the well together with our heart's desires.

Now this short animated film about wishing fountains will make you feel the magic again.

Set in an alternate reality where wishes are granted by "workers" underground, "The Wishgranter" takes you on a heartwarming adventure. It chronicles the adventures of one worker who, already feeling detached and apathetic about his work, is forced to go aboveground to grant the wish of two people looking for love.

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Teacher Punishes Student for Being Late Every Day, Discovers a Heartbreaking Secret

Every day, he punishes his student for being tardy. That stopped the day he saw him in the street and decided to follow him.

Our teachers serve as our second parents while we're in school. Aside from reading, writing, and solving complex math equations, they help mold our characters. They instill obedience, respect, honesty, and punctuality---values that help us succeed and become better individuals. For that reason, they chastise us when we do something wrong.

The professor in the video below always punishes his student for coming in late for class. Day after day, he hits the boy's hand with a ruler, but he never seems to learn his lesson. He's still consistently late.

Maybe all the teacher wanted was to break the child's bad habit; he probably thought the student was just lazy. However, he never bothered to ask the boy the reason for his habitual tardiness.

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This Young Girl Learns an Important Life Lesson from a Snake

Regardless of how beautiful or harmless it may appear, a snake will always be a snake.

We all have a moral compass that influences our decisions and directs our actions. Hopefully, though, ours can accurately distinguish north from south, so we won’t go astray. For most of us, that inner sense compels us to do what’s noble and what’s right. It impels us to be generous, kind, and compassionate, especially to those who are in need. Sometimes, we lend our hands to the point that we disregard our safety and security.

Yet, showing goodness and kindness to others does not guarantee that they will reciprocate the gesture. We don’t know what goes on inside a person's head or how anyone would react. We can’t expect people to jump for joy or to express their undying gratitude when we come to their rescue. Others might even hurt us. It' sad, but true.

Their attitudes and behaviors are beyond our control.

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