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80-Year-Old Granddad Walks 20 Kilometers Daily To Earn Money Selling Shrimp Paste

At 80 years of age, he should be enjoying life. Instead, he’s still working hard for his family.


For a meager income of $1.08 or Php50, an 80-year-old grandfather known as Manong Lauro walks 20 kilometers every day from his home in Bitukang Manok in Pandi, Bulacan to Real Cacarong.

This Manong (Mah-noh-ng— a Filipino term earmarked for a person who is older than you), relentlessly walks the streets carrying a bucket-full of bagoong or shrimp/krill paste and sells it from house to house.


Bagoong is a favorite relish in the Philippines. This condiment is made from salted or fermented fish or tiny shrimps. It’s usually sold in public markets and grocery stores, although some people do sell them on the streets to earn more money. But, the thing is, it’s quite cheap, it doesn’t spoil easily, and so people don’t regularly need to buy some.

Taking this into consideration, we’ll get a grasp of the challenges Manong Lauro face every day just to earn a living. Carrying that bucket alone, he walks instead of riding a public transport as he reckons that a huge portion of his profit would only be used in fares if he does so.


Therefore, against all odds, this hard-working man endures the weather and the fatigue so he could at least buy a kilo of rice and a maybe few pieces of fish for his family.

At his age, no one expects Manong Lauro to do what he does, yet his love and concern for his loved ones give him the strength to press on. It’s very noble act, although somehow, we hope that his family would have better jobs soon so he could finally retire and enjoy life—because that’s what he should only be doing right now.



Dog with Two Noses Finds Forever Home Thanks to Freakshow Owner

…and the special pooch exhibits a talent that makes him one of the stars of an animal television show on AMC!

A freaky looking dog born with two noses got a second chance in life after he was adopted by a freakshow owner in Fresno.

Toby, a two-year-old dual-nosed Australian Shepherd was found abandoned on the streets and collared by a dogcatcher who brought him to a shelter back in 2014. Unfortunately, the "freak" of a dog was scheduled to be put down when luckily, his case caught the attention of an animal rescue group and Todd Ray.

This lucky dog now has a second chance (to go with his second nose) at life.


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These Veterans Guard Chicago’s Most Dangerous Street To Make Sure Students Are Safe

Such a great way of contributing to the community and giving renewed purpose for our veterans! We thank you for your great service, LNVB!


Crimes are becoming more commonplace today. We hear news of people getting mugged while walking home from work and in some cases, we hear of children being abducted while on their way home from school. Chicago is no stranger to these crimes.

Some areas of Chicago, specifically the area around 35th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, are known to be particularly dangerous since the high schools located in that area have known gang affiliations. Along these most dangerous streets and other shady neighborhoods of Chicago, veterans stand around every day to make sure that students get to and from school safely. The patrol, aptly called Safe Passage, was established by non-profit organization Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB). Established in 2011, the organization aims to provide a new purpose for military veterans and consequently build a safer community. LNVB works in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department in providing safe passage to some 8,000 students daily.

Watch this video about their inspiring work:

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These Men Poured A Water Cooler on Homeless People But It’s Not What You Think

You’d think it’s a heartless prank, but it’s quite the opposite.

We’ve all probably seen countless prank videos on social media. Some are hilarious indeed while the rest are just downright cruel or fatuous.

Other pranksters conduct social experiments. They often create scenarios to coax their “victims” into showing their true nature; however, those people are usually humiliated in the end.

The video below is unlike those stunts. Although the men behind this practical joke also want to put a smile on our faces and entertain us, they also want to help their targets. This time, the homeless people.

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