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Man Wins $46 Million After ‘Accidentally’ Buying TWO Winning Lottery Tickets

Some guys have all the luck!


For many of us, winning the lottery is nothing more than a dream that just seems impossible to reach. So imagine the luck of this guy who walked away with $46.6 million after ‘accidentally’ purchasing two winning lotto tickets.

The unnamed winner from St Albans, Melbourne definitely hit the jackpot in one of the biggest lotto draws of the year – where no one had won for 7 weeks straight. When lottery staff called the guy, who was only described as a ‘hard-working man’ by the DailyMail, he was in total disbelief.

He told them:

“You’re kidding! Am I seeing things? I just checked my entry online and I think I know what you’re about to tell me. I’m speechless. I can’t believe it… I just finished work for the night.”

According to the lucky man, he bought a ticket at St Alban’s Winning Lotteries and then later accidentally got another one with the exact same numbers at Footscray Lottery Centre.

Aside from him, there was another winner from Hobart and so the $70 million was split into three, with two $23.3 million going to him.

The winner shared he’s been an avid lotto player for 35 years.

“I play every week. I have always marked my entries but I have never chosen the numbers on anything in particular. They weren’t special before, but they are now.”

As far as his plans go, the fortunate man shared:

“I need time for the news to register. I might think about retiring. First maybe a new home or a holiday. I’ll definitely share it with my family.”

Matt Hart, spokesperson of lottery organizers The Lott, confirmed:

“What’s remarkable about tonight’s draw is that there were three division one entries, but two winners. The reason for this, the two Victorian entries are held by the one registered player.

“He may not have that motivation to work anymore. He’s certainly a hard-working man that’s worked very much for all his life and his family. Perhaps it’s time for a well-earned rest there. Certainly a new house, a family holiday is on the horizon for that winner as well.”

Well as the old song goes, some guys surely have “all the luck!”


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