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Colombian Army Seizes Drug-Smuggling Submarine Used To Transport Four Tons Of Cocaine

Thirty percent of illegal drugs in the US arrive via narco-submarines.

Police and troops in Colombia have seized a narco-submarine, the first electrical submarine used to smuggle four tons of cocaine to Central America. The army discovered the vessel before it could successfully transport the illegal cargo.

While carrying out an operation around San Juan and Baudo rivers, soldiers discovered the submarine. It is believed to measure nine meters or 30 feet in length and four and has a width of four and a half meters or 15 feet.

The ELN guerilla group is most likely the owners of the submarine.

The said group is currently negotiating a peace deal with the Colombian government, DailyMail reported.

Sheets of metal were used to build the submersible.

Source: CEN

The said vessel had electrical jet propulsion engines that derive its power from over a hundred batteries. Authorities believe that it may have taken about five months for the narco-submarine to be completed. Detection of the vessel underwater would also be difficult since it was electric.

The submarine will now be brought to a Colombian naval base.

Source: CEN
Colombian prosecutors will investigate the vessel for more clues to help with the fight against illegal drug trafficking.

Source: CEN

Drugs transported via maritime routes are nothing new. For instance, according to a report from the U.S. Foreign Military Studies Office, 80 percent of drugs in the US in 2012 arrived by sea. Thirty-percent of the drugs were smuggled using narco-submarines.

The narco-submarines from Colombia have been around since the 90s, according to Insight Crime. Naval authorities said that these vessels depart from Colombia’s Pacific coast and begin their roundabout journey that takes them south first, then below and around Galapagos islands, before heading to Central America and the U.S. This route presumably allows traffickers to avoid detection

Others have used the “torpedo” method, a near fail-safe technique to smuggle drugs.

Speed boats are likely still the transport of choice for smuggling drugs. Although they are capable of carrying only small amounts of drugs, they are still far cheaper to use compared to torpedoes or submarines.


Filipino Priest Caught With 13 Year Old Girl in Motel, Draws Gun During Arrest

The pimp was a minor too.

Sexual-related abuses involving members of the clergy are nothing new; much has been reported about this for decades now, so much that the issue has reached the Vatican. Pope Francis is currently reprimanding priests involved in such abuses but this doesn’t mean that the practice has already stopped.

Recently, a priest in the Philippines tried to take a 13-year old girl to a motel but was quickly apprehended by the police.

The news report identified the suspect as Msgr. Arnel Fuentes Lagarejos is a 55-year old priest serving parishes in Marikina City and Rizal in the Philippines. ...

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Couple Caught In Financial Trouble Jump Off A Building Together

The couple asked their family and friends to take care of their kids.

A chiropractor and his wife have died of suicide after jumping from the 9th floor of a building in New York. They left a note saying they are experiencing financial woes and couldn't afford health care.

Glenn Scarpelli, 53, and Patricia, 50, left a suicide note saying "Life was wonderful." The suicide note was recovered from a Ziploc bag inside each of their pockets. The letter contained notes describing their financial spiral.

The couple leaped together in a double suicide.


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US Army Captain Worries About Future After Trump Plans To Ban Transgender Military

She can’t imagine being anything else other than a soldier.

U.S. President Donald Trump shocked the world when he recently announced his plans to ban transgender people from joining the military. For Army Capt. Jennifer Peace, this means the future of her career is uncertain.

Peace has been serving in the military for almost 13 years and had gone on two combat tours. Last year, she felt excited about the news that Pentagon would allow transgender individuals to serve in the military openly. But her heart was crushed recently when Trump posted on Twitter about reinstating a ban on transgender military personnel.

Army Capt. Jennifer Pearce serves at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington.


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