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What This Man Did For His Paraplegic ‘Best friend’ Will Surely Touch Your Heart





“He would put his life before mine… his own life, that’s got my vote as my best friend. That’s what he means to me. You know I will put my life before his… that’s the way it is.”

In 2004, Craig Mosher’s pit bull named Loois needed to have a spine surgery in order to remove an extra vertebra that causes him pain. During the procedure, the vertebra broke and the surgeon accidentally touched Loois’ spinal cord. This consequently left the dog paraplegic. Since then, he has been devoting his life to the poor dog so it could continue living its life to the fullest.

“Loois keeps me in a routine”, he says.

Every morning, Craig would put a harness on Loois’ hind legs, carry the weight, and take him for a walk. After which, the dog would lead him straight to the garage where they’d play ball. Using a tram that Craig and a friend of his had improvised, he’d hook the harness and help the dog exercise to prevent its muscles from wasting.
Craig does all these things lovingly and unconditionally.

Most loving pet owners would probably do what Craig does for Loois. But what’s more compelling for me is how Craig describes his relationship with him and how he “sees” him.

Watch this heartwarming video:

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