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Man Offers A Solution For Women Who Can’t Get Rid Of Annoying Guys Sliding Into Their DMs

“Saw there was an actual market of women that needed this.”

As harsh as it sounds, it is already a given fact that some guys out there are absolute pricks. These men would go out of their way just to make women uncomfortable, thinking that they are too cool to be denied.

Enter social media and these not-so-gentlemen have easier platforms to be obnoxious. But one Twitter user, who happened to be a man, found a solution for all women who can’t get rid of annoying guys who are sliding into their DMs.

Trevor Norris tweeted:

“Saw there was an actual market of women that needed this, so here are some pictures y’all can use to send to guys that won’t leave you alone or keep sending you unsolicited pictures. Good luck.”

Along with his tweets came four images of himself. For those who didn’t get what it was all about, Trevor was offering his pictures for women to use to send to their harassers. In short, he can be your fake boyfriend.

So far, his idea is being appreciated by several women. Some of the comments read:

“I just want to thank you so much for your pics. I think this guy will finally stop hitting me up.”

“Thank you for these pics sweet prince; you saved me.”

Trevor said in an interview:

“I see it happen all the time because I do have a lot of friends that are girls and I’ll step in and act like their boyfriend just so they’ll leave and stuff like that, so I know that it’s a problem.”

He shared that he wants to use his social media influence for good. The University of Southern Mississippi student and a content creator has 148k Twitter followers as of this writing.

Trevor noted:

“Girls can’t stop it. And that’s the big problem. A block won’t stop it because they may see them in real life, then it’s even more awkward.”

Trevor has made three batches of photos, with 40 fake boyfriend pics in total.


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