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Man Beats Girlfriend’s Son ‘To Teach Him A Lesson’ For Opening Christmas Gift Early





Most kids just can’t resist opening presents under the tree before Christmas. For five-year-old Ayrian, sneaking a gift from the tree resulted in cuts and bruises, which his mom’s boyfriend gave him.

Twenty-two-year-old Wesley McCollum has been arrested in Okmulgee after he beat up his girlfriend’s son. McCollum laid a hand on the little boy as a punishment and a way to “teach him a lesson” after he opened one of the gifts under the tree. Ayrian’s mom, Bridgette Payne, then called the police on him.

Bridgette came home from an errand to see her boy looking like this.

This was a "punishment" for opening a Christmas present ahead.

Apart from the bruises, Ayrian also had a cut on his head.

Payne's boyfriend, McCollum is being accused of child abuse.

Payne came home to see her son in a bad shape. She said that McCollum had informed her about sending Ayrian to bed for unwrapping the present. But when the mother asked her boy how he ended up with bruises, Ayrian replied, “Wesley hurt me bad mama.”

Payne and McCollum live together with two other kids that they’re looking after.

The couple has been together for 10 months.

It comes as a big shock to Payne to know about McCollum’s violent tendencies. Payne never expected for it to happen since McCollum has never laid a hand on her kids.

Payne then took to Facebook to share the horrific story. Naturally, she was distressed and heartbroken over what happened.

“’I cannot sleep because I imagine my innocent child going thru (sic) this and I wasn’t there to protect him. For a grown man to punch a child over and over and slap him and beat him with a belt ALL over is no man at all. He is the lowest scum on earth,”

Payne added that she wouldn’t have been with Wesley had she known about his capability to become aggressive towards her son. McCollum is now in Okmulgee County Jail facing child neglect and child abuse charges. Payne also said she already filed for a restraining order, barring Wesley from getting anywhere near her or her kids.

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