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A Man Asks For Dating Advice From Kids and They Gave Him Funny Yet Great Advice

Watch these kids give advice, they are not just cute and funny but they also give sound advice!

Kris Evangelista





Dating has hard realities that we can’t ignore and is difficult to deal.

Most of us want to find our soul mate or life partner and step one to this is asking these people on a date or at least trying to approach them but what’s the perfect step for inviting them?

Well women, can be hard to guess and judging them at times can be so complex, Aren’t they?

Sometimes men need to seek for pieces of advice to impress these girls and to be able to ask them on a date.

A man in this video named Dave Keystone, asked for dating pieces of advice from children aged around 6 years old and older, he was shocked to discover that indeed they have a lot of things to share and give. Well, some of these are humorous but some are also great advice.

This just proves that just because we’re older doesn’t necessarily mean we’re always wiser. These videos were made to see the different ideas of children and their insights about different difficulties in dating.

Kids on: Kids Give Pieces of Advice on How to Approach Someone Across the Bar:

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The first video is about getting the reactions and insights of kids; they give advice on how to approach someone you met on a bar. They all have different suggestions but some of it are pretty great to remember and take note!

Second Video: How long should you should wait to call or text after getting someone’s number?

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Keyston asked these kids how long should he wait to call or text after getting someone’s number. The answers of the kids are really different from one another; some says one week, two days, three days other says right after going home. Some of the children said calling right away will freak out a girl, while others say that if they call after a few days these can make a girl feel that he doesn’t like her that much, one of the kids say it’s better to call after a few days to make a girl process things first. Well, watch the videos completely and be surprised how they respond.

Third Video: Should you call or text?

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Here, Keyston asks the children for pieces of advice whether to call or text a girl. Some says to call them because it’s easier for him to see if the girl is excited, happy or upset. Some says to send a text message and put a smiley face, another one even said that it’s better to talk spontaneously than type word for word in a text. Well these kids have shared different ways on texting or calling a girl depending on their own personal style. Watch it and be amazed how they anaswer!

It’s also cute to see these kids very confident in giving pieces of advice. One of them talk as if “they have been there and have done that” kind of tone; it’s kind of hilarious. When you can’t find someone to ask about your “simple” dating struggles perhaps you can try and ask for the words of wisdom of kids around as sometimes, they give sound advice.

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