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Thanks To This Dad, Kids’ Hospital Bed Sheets Can Now Be Used As Board Games

The bed sheets “provide kids with a place they can play, learn, sleep and heal on,” according to him.

  • Playtime Edventures’ bed sheets are unique and fun – they come designed with board games and lessons for children.
  • According to Kevin Gatlin, he created the sheets to help hospitalized children have a better experience.

Most kids do not look forward to visiting a hospital. It’s not just about the smell or sometimes their fear of doctors. In some cases, it’s also the dull atmosphere of the place.

So imagine how sick youngsters feel when they have to stay there for several days or weeks. That’s totally no fun, even for us adults, right?

Well one creative father from Charlotte, North Carolina has come up with something that, in a way, helps make the hospital experience a bit more enjoyable for children. Kevin Gatlin of Playtime Edventures has created bed sheets that function as board games and it’s since been getting a lot of positive reaction.

In the company’s official website, Kevin explained that the fun, interactive – bed sheets, filled with games and lessons, “provide kids with a place they can play, learn, sleep and heal on.”

According to Kevin, the idea came to him years ago when he visited a friend’s child in a hospital. There was, he wrote, “very little stimulation for kids confined to their hospital beds” and so he decided to change that.

After two years, he finished conceptualizing and designing the bed sheets. He eventually founded Playtime Edventures in 2013. Fast forward to the present, the sheets are now being utilized in 10 hospitals around the US.

The bed sheets and slumber bags are not only fun but also educational since they “cover everything from geography, math, science, grammar, word find games,” Kevin explained in an interview.

The bed sheets have also received awards (2017 Dad’s Choice Award and 2018 Mom’s Choice Award) and even Kevin himself has been recognized by Good Morning America (2018 Small Business Hero Award).

Go check out this video feature to learn more:

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For those interested to get the bed sheets and slumber bags for home use, you can visit the Playtime Edventures site.


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