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Tinder Avenger: A Furious Woman Who Exposes Cheaters By Tracking Down Their Partners

Cheaters, take this as a warning!

  • Erin Colleen is being hailed by women as a hero for exposing cheating husbands and boyfriends.
  • Using the Tinder app and her data mining skills, she hunts for the cheaters on social media and then contacts their wives and girlfriends.

One mother from Washington DC has dedicated herself to exposing cheaters on Tinder – and women are loving her for it. 34-year-old Erin Colleen is on a mission to reveal the secrets of unfaithful guys by contacting their girlfriends and wives.

According to Erin, she initially began using the app in her attempt to get back into dating game as a single mom. Much to her shock and surprise, however, she encountered a lot of married men and men in relationships “looking for something discrete.”

Like a real detective, she dug up details about the cheaters and started contacting their partners.
Erin shared that she’s been a victim of cheating multiple times in the past. Now she wants to save women from the same heartbreak.

So she swipes right and chats with the men. And then using her data mining skills, she hunts for their wives and girlfriends on social media, even if she only knows their first names. She then sends screen-captured messages – including indecent pictures and videos – to warn them about the cheaters.

For example, a married guy added her on Snapchat and immediately asked her to come over his house and have sex – while his wife was working somewhere and his kids were sleeping.

After an hour, she found and contacted his wife and mother.

As Erin put it:

“Women are starting to really look out for other women, even ones we don’t know, so if you want to cheat you had better expect it to get back to your partner. It’s 2019 now and cheaters can’t hide any more.”

She has since outed five cheaters and the women couldn’t help but express gratitude.

So yes, take this as a warning, Tinder cheaters. Your happy days are numbered, thanks to Erin!


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