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More Kids Today Want To Be Vloggers Instead of Astronauts, According To Study

Well this is pretty alarming.

  • A survey by Harris Poll and Lego revealed that more children in the US and UK want to be YouTubers and vloggers rather than being astronauts.
  • Meanwhile, Chinese kids are more inclined to choose being astronauts over being social media stars.

Remember how we, as kids, all wanted to become astronauts when we grow up? Exploring space was definitely the ultimate goal for most children back in the days.

Well times have drastically changed and that’s no longer true for many of today’s young generation. According to a recent survey, more children these days want to be YouTube stars than astronauts – at least in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In a survey conducted by Harris Poll for Lego, 3,000 children ages 8 to 12 from US, UK, and China were asked to pick from five future career options: astronaut, musician, professional athlete, teacher, or vlogger/YouTuber.

The result tells us that US and UK kids are three times more likely to choose being social media stars over being astronauts.

Meanwhile, 56% of kids in China prefer to be astronauts.

According to reports, the said online survey was done in celebration of the moon landing’s 50th anniversary. And while it doesn’t claim represent all children from all countries, some are worried about this “new career trend” among youngsters.

Check out the survey results here:

While it is true that there are YouTubers and vloggers earning big bucks from making videos, some are considering it the “least mentally healthy profession on the planet,” as described by INC.

In a Business Insider interview, YouTuber Kati Morton shared:

“Working around the clock, we’re not taking care of ourselves, no matter how much the reward. It can never add up to the amount of effort that we’re putting in.”

On top of that, vloggers also have to deal with numerous comments from their viewers – which can also be a source of anxiety and stress.

As YouTuber Matt Lee told the UK Guardian:

“Human brains really aren’t designed to be interacting with hundreds of people every day.”


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