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15 Funny Low-Cost Costume Ideas Made from Common Household Items

Now, that’s an odd-looking Pikachu!

Costume parties and cosplay gigs need not take a huge chunk off of our payslip. This is proven by none other than Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, the Thai cosplay enthusiast who became famous for his creative take on low-cost costumes.

We may never know where he gets such astonishing flair for humor and creativity, but what we surely know is that these costume ideas may just be the cheapest and most entertaining costume ideas we’ll ever see.

From video game icons to adorable anime and Disney cartoon characters – you name it, he did it really well.

So read on – who knows, you might just get an idea for your next dress-up party.

1. Scream


2. Super Mario


Source: lowcost
3. Hulk Hogan


4. Beauty and the Beast


5. Pikachu


6. The Terminator


7. E. T.


8. Tron Legacy


9. Detective Conan


10. Ghost Ship


11. Po


12. The Last Exorcism, Part 2


13. Frodo


14. Dr. Strange


15. Friday the 13th


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