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Meet Lottie and Grizzly: Two Dogs Who Achieved Friendship Goals Better Than You Did

Showdog Lottie met Grizzly the rescued dog, and since then they’ve become inseparable.


Having a dog is awesome. Having two dogs is fun. But having two dogs that can’t seem to get enough of each other would definitely brighten your day.

Meet Lottie the Collie and Grizzly the German Shepherd of Ontario, Canada, the siblings/best friends who showed the world that everyone needs a hug.

A video of them posted last month quickly went viral as it showed Lottie putting her paws around her canine pal when asked who her best friend is.

Watch the short clip below and prepare to say “aww…”

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Owner Taylor Duguay said she got Lottie first and trained her to be a show dog. When the Collie was turning one, Duguay got another dog–Grizzly, who was picked up from the streets when he was only seven weeks old. Since then, the two have become best buddies and would spend a lot of time together.

Grizzly showed that he can easily learn tricks, just like Lottie. But Duguay said she didn’t teach them anything about hugging.

“Lottie sort of did it on her own. At first Grizzly wasn’t sure what was going on,” Duguay told DailyMail. “Now when I ask Lottie who her best friend is, you can even catch Grizzly getting ready for the hug and leaning into her,” she added.

The video posted on Lottie’s Facebook page garnered millions of views. These pooches got so popular they even made a guest appearance on Fox & Friends.

Lottie and best pal, Grizzly, getting ready for their guesting on Fox and Friends


When you follow Lottie and Grizzly’s Instagram page, you’ll definitely say they have achieved their friendship goals better than some people ever did.

Just a regular day. Lottie and Grizzly showing the world that a hug a day takes your worries away.

Just a regular day. Lottie and Grizzly showing the world that a hug a day takes your worries away.

That’s what friends are for.


Seriously, when did you last hug your friend? Let Lottie and Grizzly’s friendship story inspire you! Give a friend a hug today and share this story.


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