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Lost Tortoise Travels a Mile in 2 Years to Return to Owner’s Old Home

Arnie crawled a distance of one mile in two years and returned to his owner’s former home completely unscathed.


He surely took his time crawling. Two years ago, Sophie Bevan’s pet tortoise went away after they accidentally left their front gate open. Two years and two winters after, he came back to their former home—completely unscathed.

The ten-year-old Macedonian tortoise was with the family for about 8 years when he was gifted to Sophie’s daughter, Tilda. He turned up at the family’s former home. The strangest thing is, Arnie never lived at the old house. They had him after they moved to a new place.

Arnie would have traveled a mile in two years, excluding detours.

The old house is located a mile away from their current address and was recognized by their former neighbor, whom the family had continued to keep contact with despite moving away at the neighborhood 20 years ago.

In an interview, Sophie said she was surprised that Arnie survived two winters outside and was found unscathed. They have been searching for Arnie after he ran away but gave up after the first winter thinking he couldn’t have survived the harsh weather.

“We hunted for him but when winter had come and gone I assumed he wouldn’t have made it.

“We moved about 20 years ago but stayed friends with our neighbor.

“I couldn’t believe it when she called and said, ‘I might have found your tortoise.’

Sophie said they were sure it was Arnie after comparing him to the old pictures they took of him.

Arnie also still had that blob of paint which Sophie’s daughter put on him.

Starved after a long journey, Arnie has been eating more since he came back.

Arnie loved crawling in their garden but now, Sophie said they are not going to take their eyes off him.

Sue Millington, Arnie’s former neighbor, said the tortoise was found by a window cleaner at Sophie’s old house in Hopton Cangeford.

“He assumed it belonged to the home owners but when they said no, I remembered that Sophie and Rupert had one.
“The tortoise never lived here but still made its way here — maybe it detected some old smell.”

Sophie with pet tortoise, Arnie


GoPro Video Shows Giant Squid Wrapping Tentacles Around Man’s Paddleboard

Now netizens are furious for what they did to the giant squid.

When you’re having fun and paddleboarding out there in the water with your buddies, the last thing you’d probably is a close encounter with a gigantic sea creature. That, however, is exactly what James Taylor experienced when he was off the coast of Melkbosstrand, South Africa.

The 39-year-old man suddenly found huge tentacles wrapping around his paddleboard, much to his shock, which were from a giant squid. Everything was caught on film as he was with his friends during the incident.

James Taylor, 39, found a giant squid while he was paddleboarding at Melkbosstrand, South Africa.

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Once a Stray Dog, Chapati Is Now Exploring The World with Ukrainian Couple

Chapati, a Kochi pup adopted by a Ukrainian couple has explored India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, and soon, Italy.

Everyone loves to travel. Some people even save money for years to fulfill their dreams of exploring different places. But this very lucky puppy adopted by a loving Ukrainian couple might have gone to more places than you.

Kristina Masalova and Eugene Peterus quit their jobs in Ukraine and are travelling the globe to find a “perfect place” to live. Their first goal is to explore Asia. While visiting Kochi in India, the two found a puppy and named him Chapati. Now Chapati is a full-time adventurer. They also made her an Instagram account named Travelling Chapati which now has thousands of followers.

The couple found the dehydrated, starving, and flea-ridden little puppy in Kochi.

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Octopus and a 256-Pound Seal’s Epic Battle Caught on Cam by a Kayaker

Survival of the fittest has never been so awesomely gruesome.

In the wild, the survival of the fittest is sometimes a graceful ballet of eat or be eaten - but it can often be horrifying for the earth’s most recent tenants, us, tenderfoot humans. Animal behavior both fascinates and frightens us, especially when it involves death.

In this particular instance, a tourist guide captured the terrifying fight to the finish between an oversized fur seal and a huge octopus. The encounter occurred in the middle of New Zealand’s South Bay with a lot of thrashing and flying animal bodies.

Kaikoura Kayaks guide Conner Stapley was minding his own business on the water on South Island, New Zealand recently while guiding three other kayakers when he saw a flock of seabirds flying over a spot in the water.

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