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20 of the Most Awesome Birdhouse Designs Ever

You’ll probably want one for yourself.

Ann Moises





If you are a bird enthusiast and if you’re into DIYs, these amazing ideas may help you create cute and fascinating birdhouses. Most of them resemble colorful dollhouses while others are like exquisite ornaments. From afar, some look like real cottages due to their intricate designs.

With some basic tools, old items, and imagination, you can give your beloved birds a beautiful and cozy shelter. Building such tiny, lovely houses is also a perfect way to spend your lazy, weekend afternoons alone or with your loved ones.

Look at these 20 incredible designs:



Photo credit: yard envy


Photo credit: Desiree Tonus/Flickr


Photo credit: Facebook/ Inhabitat


Photo credit: Carefully Corked






Photo credit: revedecor


Photo credit: gadget sponge

Birds need nesting cavities to build nests and lay eggs. They also need a shelter to protect themselves from harsh weather and predators.





Photo credit: treehugger

The first man-made birdhouses were built around the 15-th – 16th century. Europeans initially used baskets and clay pottery while North Americans made use of birch bark. In Turkey, birdhouses were made of bricks, stone, tiles, wood, and mortar.



Photo credit: Montalvo Arts Center


Photo credit: flaming petal


Photo credit: fine gardening




Photo credit: favecrafts

Birds nest in tree cavities, but since many trees had been cut due to agriculture and urbanization, they had fewer suitable nesting sites. As a solution to the predicament, people built birdhouses. However, in some parts of Europe, these were intended to help capture birds and their eggs.



Photo credit: this into that


Photo credit: Flickr/ iheart


Photo credit: diy network/

Times have changed, and people are getting more creative. Who said birdhouses should only look like drab boxes with roofs and small, circular openings?



Photo credit: robins nesting place


Photo credit: cindy ellis art

Which of them did you like most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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